The Black Bibs goes burgundy, adds colors, tights and knickers

It’s easy for new riders dipping their toes into the world of tight-fitting bib shorts to guffaw at the exorbitant pricing and say: “Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick to my shorts.”

The Black Bibs Burgundy Ultimate bib. Front view.

The Black Bibs has added a flashy burgundy color to its line of affordable bibs.

Finding a pair of workable bib shorts at a price point most people are comfortable with can be frustrating. It also often results in lackluster garments that don’t perform well or wear out quickly.

The Black Bibs, which got their start with simple, no-nonsense, and highly affordable $40 bib shorts that hold up over time, are not those bibs. They made BikeRumor’s list of top women’s bibs of 2021, and have been tested on some pretty heinous rides, including Gordon Wadsworth’s top-five finish at MidSouth Gravel.

The Black Bibs Burgundy Ultimate bib. Leg detail view.

The Black Bibs Ultimate Bib runs for MSRP $80.

Produced with no logos or branding, The Black Bibs offers exactly what they advertise: affordable bibs that meet expectations.

While the company may have started out with simple, dirt-cheap black bibs, their latest offerings feel a bit more swanky.

The Black Bibs has added new colors to their Ultimate bibs to include a sharp burgundy that’s sure to make eyes and thighs pop. Color offerings for its Ultimate line also include navy, red, and, of course, the color that started it all… black.

The Black Bibs Ultimate bib Italian DR pad.

The Black Bibs Ultimate bib features an Italian DR pad rated for eight hours.

The Black Bibs Ultimate line runs for MSRP $80, double the price of their ultra-affordable $40 base offering, but with added features to improve comfort. The Ultimate bibs feature an Italian DR pad rated for eight hours in the saddle, a silicon-infused power band, back straps, and an antistatic carbon layer. The Ultimate is the near top end of The Black Bibs’ offerings.

The company also offers $65 Plus bibs in black, olive, gray, and navy, and Adventure bibs that run MSRP $85 and feature a fancy leg pocket.

The Black Bibs women's Ultimate Bib Tights. Front view.

The Black Bibs Ultimate Bib Tights feature a pocket on the leg and back.

Other new additions to The Black Bibs lineup include Ultimate tights and knickers that have lower back pockets and run for MSRP $100 and $95 respectively.

The low prices aside, The Black Bibs also offers a bit more variability for riders of different sizes. They have short inseam options and larger sizes for tall people, giving just about anyone a solid entry point into bibs without risking hundreds of dollars.

The Black Bibs women's Ultimate Bib Tights. Rear view.

The Black Bibs Ultimate Bib Tights come in options for men and women.

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8 months ago

These are decent. I found their original marketing calling them the “The Best Bibs Ever” to be a bit ridiculous, because they weren’t, but certainly they were the best $40 bibs. Good for beginners who’ve never tried bibs before.

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
8 months ago
Reply to  Dr_LHA

Those $40 bibs suck, the chamois is terrible. Their Ultimate bibs and their Skin Suits with this chamois are absolutely fantastic some of my favorite bibs.

7 months ago

I had absolutely no problem with them.

Bill B
Bill B
8 months ago

Mad my day to see this, Stratton!

7 months ago

The price and the no logo Was my selling point. I hate advertising other peoples products. I have the cheap ones and the expensive ones. Both were perfect for me. Espechially since I haven’t owend a real pair of bike shorts in like 30 years. Bike short padding and fit have come a long way! There base layer is truly amazing on a cool spring day or early fall it is all the extra warmth I need. And at $20 so worth it!