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The FOX FLOAT X Air Shock and DHX Coil Shock are all-new for 2022

2022 fox float x factory air shock
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FOX have introduced two entirely new shocks for 2022. The first is the FOX FLOAT X Air Shock, said to deliver heavyweight features in a lightweight package to meet the demands of aggressive trail riders, combining sophisticated damping and fade free performance in a light weight chassis with outstanding structural integrity.

2022 fox dhx factory coil shock

The second? That would be the all-new DHX Coil Shock. FOX describe this one as their magic-carpet shock. It offers trail smoothing performance in a wide range of configurations to suit modern enduro, downhill and freeride mountain bikes. Here’s a brief introduction to them both.

All-new FOX FLOAT X Air Shock


You may be wondering why FOX have gone back to a monotube design. Well, the new FLOAT X Shock doesn’t actually replace the DPX2. Rather than thinking of it in that way, think of it as a scaled down, lightweight version of the Float X2 with a feature
set aimed squarely at the trail category. Its intended use doesn’t stretch over into enduro.

2022 fox float x factory air shock
FOX adjust the reservoir lengths in line with the shock size

The FLOAT X features a large piston and large air volume for a wider range of tuneability on more frames. That larger piston area means less air pressure is required to achieve the
same spring force. It reduces the average rider pressure by 40 psi vs. the DPX2.

Far more tuneable than the DPX2, the new FLOAT X shock air volume can be adjusted in 0.1 increments. A 0.1 volume spacer can be added to -0.2, -0.4, -0.6, -0.8, -1.0 setups to fine tune the air spring volume so riders can find what’s best for their frame.

The air valve location is said to offer improved frame fitment and pump access

On top of volume adjustments, the FLOAT X has numerous external damping adjustments that will keep a wide range of riders happy. It gets a numbered tool-free 11 click single-turn LSC (Low Speed Compression) adjuster, and it gets more rebound adjustment clicks (11) as compared to the DPX2. There’s also an independent firm mode circuit, engaged by a 2-position lever.

The new FLOAT X is only available in metric sizing as they offer a higher degree of bushing overlap than imperial. FOX say that enables them to produce higher performing and more durable shocks.

2022 DHX Coil Shock

fox dhx shock coil

The all-new FOX DHX Coil Shock sees a unique chassis and damper as compared to the DHX2 coil shock. It gets a high-flow main piston and, like the FLOAT X, it boasts a numbered tool-free 11 click single-turn LSC adjuster, with 11 clicks of rebound adjustment available too. It also gets an independent firm mode circuit with a 2-position lever.

The new FOX DHX is said to have a much quieter damper than the DHX2. It gets an MCU bottom out bumper for those rare occasions on which you max out the travel. The spring collar can be turned to adjust preload, and it has detents so you count the number of pre-load clicks you’re running.

Like the DHX2, the new DHX gets a full diameter spring retainer with wire ring and a spring scuff guard on the body.

2022 fox dhx factory coil shock
The FOX DHX Coil Shock has a hydraulic top-out feature

Pricing & Availability

The FOX FLOAT X shock is available in Factory and Performance Elite models, retailing at $499-$569 USD / $699-$799 CDN / €699 – €799.

The FOX DHX Coil Shock is available in the Factory model only, retailing at $549 USD / $769 CDN / €759.


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2 years ago

quieter than the dhx2? not sure I’ve noticed the noise from my damper over the chain, cassette , derailleur and brakes all doing there best symphony down the hill.

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