Lyft introduces the Happiness Machine: AKA the new Lyft e-Bike

Lyft, the rideshare and micro-mobility brand many of you ride or know of, is launching its next-generation e-bike. On May 5, their new fleet of bikes will join the Citi Bike fleet in New York City for riders to jump on and use. 

Lyft touts this new electric bike as its most powerful model. In addition, it boasts various innovative features for riders to enjoy a sustainable way to get around the city.

“Our design team created an e-bike New Yorkers will love, and one that’s built to last, said John Zimmer, President, and Co-Founder of Lyft. “We’re very excited to grow Lyft’s Citi Bike options and bring more safety and joy to bike riding.”

Lyft’s in-house industrial design team spent two years developing this new e-bike through multiple prototypes. Then, they put it out to a group of diverse riders and asked for feedback. 

Thanks to their time in the shop and input from real bike commuters, Lyft feels confident they crafted an e-bike genuinely built for everyone. 

“E-bikes have become the first choice of Citi Bike riders, said Laura Fox, Lyft General Manager of Citi Bike. “Our new e-bike is the best yet with a beautiful modern design, industry-leading safety technology, and a low carbon footprint.”

The next-generation Lyft e-bike has improved ergonomics to accommodate a more extensive range of riders. It has a sleek, adaptive motor, with its cables all integrated into the frame of the e-bike.

This bike has a built-in speaker system, new lighting effects, and improved safety features, including onboard sensors and retroreflective paint.

New Lyft e-bike

New E-bike Specs, according to Lyft

  • A seamless, single-gear transmission tuned perfectly for all speeds and grades of the road – no shifting!
  • A modern form-factor with the battery and all cables integrated into the bike’s frame
  • The e-bike’s motor is more powerful than its predecessors, but only when you need it

Industry-Leading Safety Features

  • A powerful LED ring brings even more distinct recognition and visibility at night
  • Retroreflective paint: Custom-designed paint that is retroreflective, like street signs
  • Onboard safety sensors self-monitor every sub-system, including brakes and batteries
  • Top-of-the-line rear hydraulic brake means riders can achieve a smoother stop with less force and require less frequent maintenance

Best-in-Class Rider Experience

  • Improved design and seat clamp for better adjustability, resulting in a three-inch wider range than its predecessor. 
  • LCD screen and speaker will give riders instructions for unlocking, parking, etc
  • Battery capacity improved to 60 miles on a single charge. 

Last year, Lyft served 47 million shared bike and scooter rides across 14 cities.

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Huffagnolo SuperMagna
Huffagnolo SuperMagna
7 months ago

So more garbage to dump in cities and leave there in the middle of sidewalks! Good idea, just what we need!

Note this is not a rant against e-bikes but the dockless garbage these companies foist on cities.

Tom T
Tom T
4 months ago

Citibike is not dockless

6 months ago

ive seen these tested in SF and used them quite a few times (despite being somewhat of a rare sight – although hey added a lot more lately)

I don’t know if they’re actually better. They’re more powerfull which is great when the older ones couldnt make all the hills of SF, however, they’re already heavier and fast and thus a lot more dangerous in the hand of many riders.
The other differences are minimal (yes lights are better, but it doesnt translate into anything all that much better for example). The braking still feels weird and I can’t tell if its really better or worse, at least, it always works for both newer and older bikes. The docking still sucks.

Finally, the price is bad. It cost almost as much to use these bikes as it cost to take a lyft ride in a car and honestly, it’s the real problem. Pick up the bike? 5USD, flat rate. Ride it 15min? Add 5USD.
Take a lyft car? its 13USD, nearly the same price and you dont have to find a docking station, grab dirty, sticky handles, it doesn’t rain on you, etc. So while the bike is slightly better and IMO slightly more dangerous, there’s economical problems to solve first and foremost.

Tom T
Tom T
4 months ago
Reply to  will

Not the model in NYC. At least as of now same pricing with annual membership as older ebike model. I think no unlock and 15¢/min? Very competitive with subway fare