The World Is A Connected Place & Now Boréal’s smrtGRiPS Get Your Handlebar Grips Linked Up


Boréal Bikes is launching a new product called smrtGRiPS. Claimed to be the world’s first connected bike grip. they link up with iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth technology and an app, to bring navigation, vibrating and audio feedback for notifications and bicycle tracking.

The idea is that it can do a lot of things a display can, but safer for the the rider because they won’t have to look at anything. They have protected the some part of the intellectual property of the device (maybe that’s Canadian for “patent pending”) so they are the sole company with this idea at this time.

All of that is pretty cool, but it doesn’t answer the question; do we need our grips to be connected to the world? Take a look at the specs, features and videos inside and decide for yourself if connecting one more part of your life to the world will improve your ride…


smrtGRiPS fit inside a bike’s handlebars, and at 16mm in diameter, should fit almost all bars except maybe some carbon fiber, or cheaper thick-walled aluminum bars. The rechargeable battery provides three months of use on a single charge, and you can top it back up via a micro USB port. They come with their own grips to lock into, and you can choose between a standard rubber grip, or an aluminum-collared lock-on.

The launch is being powered by an Indiegogo fundraising campaign, which kicks off today. Boréal Bikes aims to raise $50,000 through the crowdfunding site. We have seen a lot of strange mashups of tech and cycling be very successful on crowdfunding lately, so if riders think they need this connection, it may just take off! Boréal Bikes appears to also make electric bikes, with a bit of info about them on the website, but the only info about the grips is on the Indiegogo campaign.



  • Eyes-Free Navigation
  • smrtGRiPS’ haptic, or tactile, technology puts the power to know where to go in the cyclist hands. Turn-by-turn directions are communicated through vibrations in each grip, signaling the rider when to turn in each direction.
  • Bike-Finder
  • With the smrtGRiPS app for iPhone and Android, a rider can quickly locate their bike by using the distance indicator or tapping the “Ring your ride” button that causes their bike to immediately signal its location. The feature also makes bike sharing easier between friends.
  • Gain a wealth of community-sourced information, like bike lanes, trails, popular routing, nearby friends and more. Thanks to smrtGRiPS, greater knowledge is now at cyclists’ fingertips.

Technical Specifications:

  • 300-ft Bluetooth range
  • Waterproof up to 10 meters
  • High capacity rechargeable battery (3.7v/700mAh)
  • Battery life: A single charge will last 3 months under regular use
  • Length: 6” (152mm), diameter: 0.6” (16mm)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart 4.2
  • Highly customizable audible and advanced vibration alerts
  • SmrtGRiPs Connect Navigation enabled by Telenav’s Scout SDK (Turn-by-turn directions, Bike lanes, Popular Routing, Buddy Radar and more.)

SMRTGRiPS will be available on Indiegogo for the early adopter price of $69, and the MSRP will be $119.

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7 years ago


Charlie Best
Charlie Best
7 years ago

One step closer to making bikes as complex as cars.

How did we ever manage before we had smartphones to think for us.

How did we ever manage without batteries.

Yayyy technology

7 years ago

Do they glow green when you’re on for a KOM?

David C Brayton
David C Brayton
7 years ago

I had to check and make sure I wasn’t reading The Onion or The Daily Currant.

el l
el l
7 years ago

i think this would be better suited for road bikes as well

7 years ago

Make sure to never signal when riding in traffic so the cars around you have no idea where you are going.