Tired of pumping your tires up all the time? Pumptire eliminates the need to do that – ever. It automatically inflates your tire to a pre-set psi and then shuts off when it reaches pressure. Watch the video for an explanation of the technology behind it.

Not to worry the pump companies yet, it’s still in prototype stages. Benjamin Krempel, the founder of Pumptire, and his group are trying to raise money via the Kickstarter site to help take it into production. They have requested $250,000 in start-up money to start testing, purchasing tooling and materials. One “Casual performance” tire plus one 65psi fixed pressure control valve and one inner tube will retail for $64.95, but you can reserve this group for a pledge of only $45 towards funding their business plan. They will also be producing a “Pro” level tire with 95psi valves. You can reserve a set of those for $100, with retail for the set to be $149.90.  Click here if you want to make a pledge.


  1. Bill on

    Few big problems here:
    The weight would be off center due to the valve (fixable if put across from regular valve though)
    the pumping mechanism is dead center in flat-ville. One flat and the whole tire is no longer auto-filling, potentially not even usable.
    unless already at inflation pressure, I would imagine the compressing action just causing the dead spot in the pumping zone to move, rather than actually go under the valve and into the tire.

    It’s a novel idea, but even with a quarter million dollars, I can’t see it being practical.

  2. Jeff on

    I’m sorry but this idea, however sound on paper, is illogical in the real world. In the urban world of road debris, glass, and skidding tires, this will only end up proving to be a gimic.

  3. a on

    So does this licence the CODA developments patent (assuming they have one) that has been knocking about the auto industry for the last 3 years without being taken up (as far as I am aware)?

  4. The Dude on

    Looks familliar…. Like a cross section from a health class long ago…

    Tire treads will be compromised with a ridge having to go down the middle of the tire itself. Spandex types will be furious, then again it will feel familiar when they hold it in their hands, so they might like that. The debate continues!

  5. Robert Fry on

    Looking at the physics of this device, the energy to pump up the tire will have to come from the effort of riding, so the tire will have high rolling resistance. Worse yet, this energy will be drained continuously, even if the tire is already adequately inflated. Personally, I do not want to power an air compressor the entire time I am riding.

    I’m sure the company’s intentions are good, but I suspect people will get just as much benefit (i.e. none) by pledging $45 to me instead! I do not believe this invention can ever be commercially successful.


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