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Trickstuff C42 4-Piston Caliper refreshed for improved compatibility

trickstuff c42 4 piston hydraulic brake caliper
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Trickstuff has announced an update for its long-standing 4-Piston brake caliper. The C42 caliper replaces the C41, the caliper seen on both the Direttissima and Piccola Carbon brakes. Changes include a more modern shape that is better able to tolerate frame and postmount fitment issues, a more convenient bleed port, and a new, more commonly available brake pad shape. Good news for customers awaiting delivery of either of the above mentioned brakes; they will receive the C42 upgrade free of charge. More detail on the update from Trickstuff below.

trickstuff c42 4-piston brake caliper for direttissima piccola carbon
Trickstuff was recently bought by wheel manufacturer, DT SWISS. The move will increase production capacity for Trickstuff, and adds another production facility and R&D center for DT SWISS. Read more about the purchase here.

Trickstuff C42 4-Piston Caliper

Press Release

Why change a product when it is already setting the standard for high performance? We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality brakes. The design of our products is technically minimalistic; our Direttissima and Piccola brake systems are still up-to-date, even timeless, after seven years. During this time, thanks to their outstanding performance, they have made demanding athletes happy worldwide.

Direttissima and Piccola HD convinced the press with test wins in renowned magazines. Our C41 four-piston brake caliper has been used on both models so far. If we want to continue to occupy the undisputed top spot, we mustn’t rest on our oars. That’s why we updated the technology and design of the four-piston caliper.

trickstuff c42 4-piston caliper upgrade improved fitment bleed port
The Trickstuff C42 Brake Caliper runs on Mineral Oil with 14mm and 17mm stainless steel pistons

The design of the C42 approaches that of our C22PM and C22FM two-piston calipers. The new Trickstuff design remains subtle but becomes more edgy and modern. The C42 also adopts the convenient bleeding port of its little brother, the C22.

The new C42 brake caliper shares the pad shape with the SRAM Guide, Ultimate (T, R, RS, RSC) and other SRAM brakes. This shape ensures an unproblematic supply of spare parts all over the world. All Trickstuff brakes are approved for use with third-party brake discs and pads. If you don’t have a Trickstuff POWER or STANDARD brake pad at hand, you can find replacements in almost every bike shop in the world.

Unfortunately, standard does not always mean standard. We put effort into achieving the highest level of precision. In recent years we have found various deviations from the Postmount brake assembly standard on frames and forks. In some cases, this seems to be due to variations in manufacturing; in other cases, it looks like a deliberate deviation from the norm. The reason for this is usually not important to our customers. The only important thing is that the new Trickstuff brakes fit every frame or fork. The C42 offers more tolerance to fluctuations in the implementation of the assembly standard. For the customer, this means an even more carefree assembly without any performance loss.

trickstuff c42 4 piston hydraulic brake caliper

Brake systems have been delivered with the new C42 brake caliper as default since January 2022. This applies to all open orders for Direttissima and Piccola Carbon HD that were ordered with the previous model C41. These orders will all be upgraded with the new C42 brake caliper at no extra charge. Despite the higher MSRP, waiting customers will receive the new caliper as a free upgrade. We want to give our customers more fun on the trail and easier maintenance of their bikes with a better product.

Pricing & Availability

A set of the Trickstuff Direttissima or Trickstuff Piccola Carbon brakes with the C42 4-Piston Caliper will set you back 1100€. The C42 Caliper can also be purchased alone at 280€ each. For more information, head to the Trickstuff website.


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2 years ago

These are mineral oil driven? Or do they use DOT 5.1/DOT 4 fluid?

2 years ago
Reply to  TypeVertigo

Took a peek at the DIrettissima product page on the Trickstuff website and apparently they use a type of mineral oil they call “Bionol,” manufactured for them by another firm called DANICO.


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