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Troy Lee Designs Launches New 2014 Helmets, Plus Cam Zink & Aaron Gwin Signature Editions

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a1_turbo_orange0011This year, TLD is introducing a whole new aesthetic for it’s range of bicycle helmets. They’re still producing helmets with their outlandish trademark paint schemes if that’s what you’re after, but they’re also doing a few more solid color ways with clean lines and a slightly different look than you’ve come to expect.

For the popular new A1 helmet, the top tier models now feature the new TURBO graphic, which is available in the Gloss Orange (pictured above), a Matte Black/Silver, and a Matte Grey/Yellow that is pictured below…
a1_turbo_gray_0006 a1_pinstripe_blue0001These two new black and blue models feature hot rod inspired pin-striping that looks stunning in photos. The Turbo and Pinstripe editions will set you back $165.
14TLD_A1_DRONE_MATTE_RED_06Also available now is a red edition of their Drone colorway. This model, as well as the grey that was released last year, will retail for ~$25 less than the helmets with the more involved paint schemes.

14_tld_D2_p51_matte_gray_0005The D2 composite is TLDs “budget” full face. It meets a variety of industry standards (ASTM F2032-00 and F1952-00 standards, CPSC standard, 16 CFR part 1203 & CE EN 1078) and offers the companies storied comfort and fit for between $198-228 depending on the design. The P-51 model pictured above is one of my personal favorites of the new collection.



14_tld_D2_midnight_blk0004If you’re not into the classic TLD look, this (just barely) sub $200 Midnight black helmet might just be your style.


14_tld_D3_finishline_CF_yel_0005The D3 is TLD’s high end helmet and is legendary for it’s looks and performance. It’s passed or exceeded a variety of stringent standards (CPSC 1203, CE EN1078, ASTM F1952, ASTM F2032, and  ASTM F2040), features titanium visor screws and D-ring, and comes with two matching visors.

The Carbon models retail for $450, while the composite models will set you back $395. The carbon Finishline Yellow pictured above is also available in a composite shell, in a black colorway.

14_tld_D3_speed_cf_org_0007As with the Finishline, this Speed Orange carbon helmet is available in a Speed White composite edition.

D3_CF_Pinstripe_black0005Can’t afford this sinister matte black full face in carbon?

14_tld_D3_pinstripe_red_0004Then this gorgeous composite version in red might be more your style.

Signature Editions

14_tld_D3_zink_wht0001This year TLD is offering two signature edition helmets. This Captain America style composite lid was designed for Cam Zink.



D3_CF_gwen_black_0004 While a version of this helmet (albeit with Red Bull Logos) will be gracing the Gwinningest man in recent American DH racing history – Aaron Gwin.D3_CF_gwen_black_0012

This year, TLD will also be sponsoring the following athletes:

Aaron Gwin
Sam Hill
Brendan Fairclough
Steve Peat
Bas VanSteenbergen
Eliot Jackson
Finn Finestone
Jono Jones
Luca Shaw
Luke Strobel
Walker Shaw
Micayla Gatto
Danielle Beecroft
Emilie Siegenthaler

Brandon Semenuk
Cam Zink
Tom VanSteenbergen
Logan Peat
James Doerfling

Curtis Keene
Nicolas Vouilloz
Rachel Throop
Anka Martin
Neil Donoghue


Sam Willoughby
Alise Post
Team GT Factory BMX
Dutch National BMX Team

Leigh Donovan
Greg Herbold
Tyler Morland
Rob Warner
Eric Carter


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10 years ago

TLD, stop, you’re drunk

10 years ago

Awww crap! Those are sick… not sure I am fast enough for any of those. :/

10 years ago

Do the signature models cost any more than the rest of the D3 models? I’m assuming they are just available in carbon too?

The Dude
The Dude
10 years ago

So, if it is a Gwin signature edition…. They’ll put his name on it and then he won’t run it. Bell GWIN paint job! Sweeeeet!

10 years ago

@Gillis, thank you.
@wako29, the signature models are same price as the non signature models, and those pros get a royalty on those lids!
@The Dude-Gwin raced in this signature lid with his redbull paint in 2013, we offered it for sale this year, Gwin will ride TLD in 14 and 2015 as well. Those other guys loss, our gain.

10 years ago

“For the world fastest racers”. Can one write something more obnoxiously kitchy on his piece of gear?

10 years ago

One of the greatest things about TLD, and there are many is that they not only making some of the best MTB and MOTO gear out there the do it with lots of style.

And TLD put’s it’s money where it’s mouth is and sponsors so many top riders.


And no I am not fast.

10 years ago

Not bad. I might even buy one.

No hating on TLD this time for me.

Stikman should be happy.

10 years ago

Look, I love TLD helmets but only for the features and build quality. The graphics on the other hand, well that’s a whole other issue. I know people will say that design doesn’t matter but sorry, helmet design and graphics are a big part of the decision to purchase. Would you wear clothes that look hideous simply because of the label? Sorry TLD, but it seems graphically things have been slipping for the last couple of years, I look forward to the day you guys get back on track and come out of the 70/80’s closet.

10 years ago

Not that it matters or that anyone cares, but… the P-51 was the Mustang and did not have the snarling mouth nose art. That belonged to the P-40 Warhawks of the Flying Tigers. the P-40, as is depicted on the helmet did not have gull wings – those belonged to the Vought F4U Corsair. The only reason I make the quibble is that this seems to be an homage, but one whose noble intent is clouded with historical inaccuracies.

That being said, were I of the gravity-minded sort, I would probably rock a TLD

10 years ago

New lipstick same lid …way to innovate

10 years ago

efukt is happy, mission accomplished!

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