TRP Trail EVO and Slate EVO get full EVO treatment for better, more affordable braking

TRP has been steadily improving their brakes, and more riders are taking notice. At the high end, their DH-R EVO brakes have received excellent reviews for offering plenty of useable power. Now, that same EVO update is being applied to their Trail and Slate brakes for more affordable brake systems with their best performance yet.

What is EVO? TRP’s EVO brakes offer a combination of features that allow them to better handle higher temperatures and heavier bikes along with providing better modulation, consistent power, and lower maintenance. That includes new brake pads, a new mineral oil, new 2.3mm thick rotors, an E-Caliper, new CNC brake adapters, new 5mm brake hoses, and ergonomic lever blades.



TRP Slate EVO brakes

Now the most affordable option in the EVO line, the new Slate EVO checks in at $139.99 per wheel, rotors not included. A completely new brake for 2022, TRP calls the Slate EVO a blend of the DH-R EVO and Slate T4.

TRP Trail EVO brakes

All photos c. Ryan Robbins /TRP Cycling Components


The Trail EVO is apparently an evolution of the Quadiem, and should be a great brake for aggressive Trail, Enduro, and E-MTB riders. Offering a full 360° oil path around all four pistons in the caliper (same caliper as the DH-R EVO), the Trail EVO reduces the chance of brake fade. Trail EVOs are priced at $209.99 per wheel without rotors.

Both are in stock and available for purchase directly from TRP or through your local bike shop.

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