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Trust Performance Trade-In “Swap to the Future” offers up to $500 off a new TP Fork

Trust Performance The Message is a new trailing link suspension fork for mountain bikes
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Trust Performance, the guys responsible for the wild-looking trailing linkage fork, are offering riders up to $500 off a new Trust Performance Shout or Message suspension fork when they trade in their old telescopic fork. Trade-in (and trade-up) your rideable telescopic suspension fork with boost 15mm x 110mm spacing, and the company will reimburse you just over a quarter of the retail price of your new Trust Performance suspension. Linkage suspension forks do work, but many riders will have been put off by the $1,950 price tag; now, for a limited time, a $1,450 price tag.

trust message linkage fork review
Trust Performance The Message 10mm travel Suspension Fork

Trust Performance Trade-In Program

In 2018, Trust Performance launched The Message, a carbon fiber multi-link front suspension design offering trail riders 130mm of contour travel. In 2019, Trust Performance followed up with Shout, a similar system that offers 178mm of contour travel for aggressive trail and enduro riders. Unlike a traditional telescopic front suspension design, Trust Performance multi-link suspension incorporates a leverage ratio via a linkage assembly.

how much air pressure should I use in the Trust Message linkage fork
Tyler tested the 130mm Trust Performance The Message linkage fork. Review here.

The Trust Performance Trade-In program can work two ways: purchase direct from the Trust Performance website or from a Trust Performance dealer/distributor. If purchasing from the website, customers first purchase the Trust Performance suspension and then ship their old telescopic suspension to Trust Performance. When Trust Performance receives the customer’s telescopic suspension, credit is then issued to the customer for either $250 or $500, respectively. Customers who purchase their Trust Performance suspension via a dealer or distributor will receive credit immediately upon trade-in. To receive $500, the telescopic form must have boost 15 x 110mm spacing and be in rideable, working condition. Check out Tyler’s review of the 130mm Trust Performance “The Message”  linkage fork below.

“The objective of the Swap to the Future program is simply to give more riders the opportunity to ride and experience the Trust Suspension difference—to discover the added benefits of traction, stability and control that only Trust linkage suspension can offer,” remarks Trust Performance Global Sales Manager, Rob Aguero. “This is a great opportunity for everyone to take advantage and swap their current telescoping suspension and see that the future is now.”

Bikerumor’s Steve Fisher tested the Shout linkage fork on Whistler Bike Park trails

Check out Steve’s review of the 178mm Trust Performance Shout enduro linkage fork here.

What if I don’t have a boost 15mm x 110mm fork?

Fear not. Trust Performance are offering customers $250 credit when they trade in any other front mountain bike suspension.

Trust Performance The Message is a new trailing link suspension fork for mountain bikes

Limited Availability

The Trust Performance Trade-In “Swap to the Future” Program ends March 2, 2020, and is open to riders in the USA, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Taiwan, Chile, Dubai, Israel, and New Zealand.


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4 years ago

This company always seems to be trying something to sell these forks. it makes me wonder how viable this company is if they can’t sell these forks with out some sore of discount, trade-in or the “deal”.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

> This company always seems to be trying something to sell these forks
Well, to sell their forks is what their business is about, and they need to do something to achieve that.

As any small startup on a saturated market, they need to grow their loyal customer base first and foremost. That is critically more important than making any immediate profit out of their products. It may pass many years before they even start making any profit at all.

4 years ago
Reply to  atakua

Then why not price their product competitively? To enter the market double the competition and then to be constantly discounting or offering trade in programs gives the impression that people are not buying the item and they are desperate to sell them. Plus you piss off all the people that paid full price and now could have a decent discount.

4 years ago

“wild-looking” – that’s being tactful : )

4 years ago
Reply to  Erm

Monkey knuckles
like a chimps arms in an all out sprint.

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