Unior Master Tool Kit hits the pro MTB racing circuit, and your traveling workshop soon, too!

We got a first look at Unior latest complete Master Tool Kit for traveling bike mechanics last fall, along with their more affordable, and more suitable for the general masses, Home Kit toolbox. But now that the big toolkits are out in the wild on the professional race circuit, you can actually get your own too.  Plus, there are more new DIY toolbox options available now, as well…

Unior hand tools Master Kit for bike mechanics

Unior bike tools Master Kit for pro cycling mechanics, UCI DH WC setup

c. Unior

Slovenian toolmaker Unior’s Master Kit totally only for traveling pro bike mechanics. Who else needs a 1800€ locking waterproof toolbox on wheels with 94 pro-level bike tools already inside. Literally, only a professional cycling mechanic wrenching on-the-go at Pro Tour or World Cup races.

Unior bike tools Master Kit for pro cycling mechanics, contents

But that is where you can spot one of these right now. Unior supplies tools to several teams racing the UCI MTB World Cup, including Unior Sinter Factory Racing, Trek Factory, NS Bikes UR , Commencal Muc-Off, Continental Atherton & Canyon MTB Racing.

Unior bike tools Master Kit for pro cycling mechanics, WC pit walk

If by some crazy chance you need a complete workshop of tools to travel with and have the money burning a hole in your pocket, you can finally actually pre-order the kit now, either by getting in touch with a Unior Hand Tools dealer or using the “Send Inquiry” button on Uniortools.com.

Unior bike tools Master Kit for pro cycling mechanics - global blue or USA red

The kits are sold globally with Unior blue handles (since 1919), or in the US with red & orange handled tools to avoid confusion with a younger company.

Unior bike tools Master Kit for pro cycling mechanics, work bench

Pre-order now for delivery towards the end of May 2022.

Unior Master Kit, but empty to stock with your own tools

Unior Master Kit professional bike mechanic travel toolbox made in Europe, rolling

Maybe even more interesting in my opinion – as a reformed bike shop mechanic and now someone who just enjoys working with nice bike tools – the Master Kit box is also available separately for 540€ for you to stock with your own tools. You’d get the same rugged IP67 waterproof, lockable travel toolbox on wheels with a telescoping handle to pack with your own favorite tools.

Unior Master Kit, but empty to stock with your own tools

The 58.5 x 36.1 x 23.8cm box itself is produced in France, then custom outfitted by Unior in Slovenia. It has two fold-out arms with 44 pockets across the top, and two heavy-duty metal trays with foam organizer inserts that hang over each side of the box when it is set up on a mobile worktop, plus another foam insert in the base. Blank foam trays are also available separately to customize for your own array of tools.

The empty Master Kit box weighs 9.4kg on its own, and you can pre-order now for late May delivery.

Master Kit Small Parts Organizer

Unior Bike Tools Master Kit Small Parts Organizer

The empty Unior Tool Master Kit also doesn’t include the plastic Small Parts Organizer box, but no worries you can buy it separately now for 31€. And it’s actually in stock & available right now.

The 36.4 x 24.8 x 5cm clear plastic box is divided internally into three long rows of compartments, but also includes an additional 18 modular inserts to further divide it into up to 21 compartments.

What about Unior Home Kit toolboxes?

The smaller Home Kit is still only available as a complete setup, combining a similar rugged but smaller tool box with 34 core tools that Unior thinks should be a good start to outfitting the amateur bike mechanic – plus room for expansion.

Unior Home Kit pro-level amateur bike mechanic travel toolbox made in Europe

Unior Home Kit sitting on top of the Master Kit

Unior say they are making as many of the 330€ Home Kit as they can to keep up with demand, having sold out of the first two runs since we first saw them last year. Pre-order a tool kit now, and you should have it in about 6 weeks, maybe a week or so earlier than a Master Kit.


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