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Unior Tool celebrates 100 years with limited edition kit & many new tools!

Unior Tool 100th anniversary limited edition premium bike tool kit
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Besides a future-proof chain tool, convenient tool wraps & e-bike friendly shop workstand, Unior teased a premium, limited edition 100th anniversary tool kit that mechanics will lust over. Slovenian tool manufacturer Unior marks 100 years of producing hand tools in-house this year (1919-2019) and has been commemorating the milestone with their usual barrage of new tool additions throughout the year. But at Eurobike, Unior tool it one step further with a number of new tool refinements both at the affordable & pro shop level, plus this killer all aluminum & steel limited edition shop kit…

Unior limited edition 100th anniversary, mechanic’s tool kit

Unior Tool 100th anniversary limited edition premium bike tool kitUnior is one of the rare companies to make their own tools in-house and has been doing so for a hundred years now in the same place in Slovenia. That’s definitely something to be proud of and to commemorate the anniversary they’ve developed a limited edition tool kit, made entirely in their own factory. See, so of the injection molded plastic handles for some hand tools are made in a partner factory, literally down the street in the same town. But for this one, it’s all in Unior’s own factory.

Unior Tool 100th anniversary limited edition premium bike tool kitSo, out with the plastic handles, the bigger tools that fit in your hand get super solid, machined aluminum handles with knurled grips. Everything is finished in black for a low-key look, like this Cassette Wrench for easily pulling off cassettes with 10 or 11 tooth cogs, without the hassle of a chain whip (seriously, one of my favorite tools for quick wheel & cassette swaps!)

Unior Tool 100th anniversary limited edition premium bike tool kit

It’s not just carry-over tools that get the special treatment. This is the new Master Chain Tool with replaceable inserts to work with any speed chain, now & into the future.

The secret trick with the 100 numbered anniversary edition tool kits is that they likely won’t get a standard consumer release. Unior is first offering them out to shops & team mechanics, and they expect they’ll all probably snap them up quick. If you really need to get your greasy paws on a set, you should probably start harassing your local shop, and tell them that the cost isn’t going to be an issue.

UPDATE: Now you can actually buy the Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Tool Set. Unior is selling it for 400€, while the 100 sets last!

As for those new tools you can actually buy now…

Unior Master Chain Tool

Unior Tool 100 years, bike tools Master Chain tool

That premium Master Chain Tool is also available in a standard edition. Designed as a follow-up to their Pro tool, the 75€ Master Chain Tool has modular interchangeable chain support inserts so mechanics can work on any current 1/8″ singlespeed or 6-12 speed chain, including SRAM’s latest flattop AXS chains. It also now offers support for peening an 11 or 12-speed Campagnolo chain.

With the modular support & replaceable pin design, Unior says it will be the last chain tool a mechanic will need, with future inserts to be developed for future chain standards. It’s precision machined body & threads spin fast & smooth, and it stores a spare chain pin inside its body.

Unior Tool Wraps

Unior Tool 100 years, bike tools Tool Wrap

Two more tool kit options for those that don’t get ahold of (or need) that anniversary kit, the Pro Tool Wrap and more simple Tool Wrap get the job done. Both are simple, compact tool storage & management setups with aluminum eyelets to hang them on the go (like from the headrest in the team chase car) or at home, plenty of pockets for tools & small parts, and secure velcro closure to lock everything don in place. Either one can be bought on its own, or packed full of tools with extra room for expansion.

The professional mechanic Pro Tool Wrap sells for 60€ empty, or 180€ stocked with ball end hexes, a torx T25, crank cap tool, chain tool, round spoke wrench, tire levers, Phillips screwdriver, Pro Socket driver, chain wear indicator, cassette wrench, cassette lockring tool & disc brake tool.

The smaller home mechanic Tool Wrap sells for 45€ empty, or 100€ stocked with the same long ball end hexes (2-8mm), a T25, crank cap tool, chain tool, spoke wrench, tire levers & Phillips screwdriver.

Unior derailleur Hanger Genie alignment tool

Unior Tool 100 years, bike tools hanger genie derailleur hanger alignment tool

We already saw a preview of the new $130 Hanger Genie last month, but now have gotten hands on with Unior’s new derailleur alignment tool, and it is a huge improvement. The Hanger Genie is built to straighten the rear derailleur hanger on anything from 20″-29+ bikes, and has less flex thanks to its new precision telescoping design. The depth gauge on the end gets locked in place but freely rotates so you never lose position as you move around the wheel. The Genie also ships in a cutout foam block to make for organized, protected storage in your current toolbox.

Unior Road Stand Thru-Axle Adapter & Pro Road Stand with plate base

Unior Tool 100 years, bike tools thru-axle adapter

Just over a year in the waiting, since Unior debuted the folding Pro Road Stand that clamped carbon bikes by the axles, now they have the thru-axle adapter for it. Designed to work with thru-axles on road, gravel, cross & lightweight cross-country bikes, the adapter slides onto the end of the regular stand and can clamp bikes securely, directly on their standard 12mm or 15mm axles.

The next in the line of stands developed to work with lightweight bikes where clamping either a light carbon frame or its light carbon seatpost is not a good idea, the Pro Road Repair Stand with Plate base provides an option for your bike shop or service course. Developed together with the World Tour mechanics of Ineos, Movistar, Quick-Step & Trek, this 600€ shop version replaces the folding legs of last year’s model with a heavy, stable flat base (or it can be bolted directly to the floor.) The stand is adjustable in height, angle, and can be spun around, and comes standard with a QR clamp or the new optional through axle adapter.

Unior Straight Pull Spoke Holder pliers

Unior Tool 100 years, bike tools straight pull spoke holder

Need to build or true a wheel with round, straight-pull spokes? These 15€ Straight Pull Spoke Holder pliers will keep the spoke from spinning without marring the spoke.

Unior T47 Bottom Bracket Socket & fat 15mm Pedal Wrench

T47 is a new standard, right? So you’ll just need one more tool? Well, it turns out it is two new standards for outer cup notches (12 or 16) so Unior adds a new double-sided, CNC-machined alloy T47 bottom bracket socket to their larger lineup.  The new knurled, red-anodized tool will sell for 60€ and includes a 1/2 drive.

As for that pedal wrench, it’s just a simple update, laser cut from a thicker slab of the same steel as their Pro shop pedal wrench & then heat-treated. It then gets double rubber dipped for comfort like their updated cone wrenches, so you get an easy-to-use, durable pedal wrench for just 10€.

Unior Electric Repair Stand

Lastly, is this monster of a shop stand. We won’t even talk about how much this is will cost, because no home mechanic is ever gonna buy one, and even shops will have to check their mortgage payment schedule before they order one. But for bike shops that regularly service heavy gravity bikes or e-bikes, the motorized workstand will make life easier (and safer!)

The stand features a massive column, with a Pro Shop Clamp that moves up & down at the press of a button thanks to its strong electric motor. Adjustable smart sensors make it easy to set auto height lift limits, and even stops when the bike touches the ground (or if something gets in its way.) It isn’t something most shops really need, but those who regularly deal with heavy bikes will be psyched.


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