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#Vanlife: Iglhaut Allrad does serious Sprinter 4WD conversions, retains factory warranty!

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The Iglhaut Allrad claims to be the most capable conversion for the Mercedes Sprinter, taking an off-the-shelf 2wd model and making a swap to permanent 4wd. Using a 50/50 power split, high-low transfer case, and three locking differentials, it gives you capability far beyond the 4×4 system from Mercedes – and even retains the factory warranty.

All images courtesy Iglhaut Allrad.

#Vanlife: Iglhaut Allrad 4×4 offroad conversions for Mercedes Sprinter

We’re no stranger to crazy Sprinter builds, but Iglhaut has taken it to the extreme. The German-based company can convert your stock 2wd Sprinter and convert it into a legitimate off-road monster, with a true old-school 4wd system, complete with transfer case and three fully-locking diffs (and up to 37″ tires). The best part? As an official Mercedes outfitter, you even keep your warranty.

We had a chance to catch up with their US agent, Daniel Kuttner, who filled us in on some of the particulars.

BIKERUMOR: How long has your company been in business converting vans into campers and Adventure Vans?

IGLHAUT ALLRAD: IGLHAUT Allrad USA showed the very first Sprinter in North America at Overland Expo this year. [Editor’s note: Iglhaut has been converting Mercedes commercial vehicles into off-road machines in Europe for 35+ years.]

BIKERUMOR: What makes an IGLHAUT Allrad van unique from others on the market?

IGLHAUT: The IGLHAUT Allrad is the most capable off-road Sprinter on the market.

BIKERUMOR: Which types of vans or other vehicles do you convert?

IGLHAUT: For North America we convert the Sprinter and the Metris. In Germany, IGLHAUT Allrad also does the conversion on VW’s.

BIKERUMOR: What are two or three of your most popular INTERIOR upgrades?

IGLHAUT: In my demo van, I have the Adventure Wagon interior kit, because it is extremely well engineered and a great starting platform for any build out. It gives you all the basics: sound dampening, insulation, wall panels, dual roof fans, wiring harness, lumicoin lighting, and many options at a great price. An absolute must for anyone that puts in longer days behind the wheel are Scheelmann seats. My dream interior would be a Nomad Vanz build.

BIKERUMOR: What are two or three of your most popular EXTERIOR upgrades?

IGLHAUT: Roambuilt make the best looking and functioning exterior accessories on the market. Their roof racks, side steps, ladders, and bumpers seem to be made for an IGLHAUT Allrad. Others products look cheap and flimsy.

BIKERUMOR: When it comes to bikes (road or mountain bikes, not moto), what’s the best way you’ve found to get them inside the van? How many can you typically fit inside?

IGLHAUT: The best place for high end bikes is inside. Therefore, using the space below the bed is the best option.

BIKERUMOR: What are two or three pieces of advice you give potential customers when they’re trying to figure out what features they need?

IGLHAUT: The IGLHAUT Allrad system is a big decision. Since your van gets shipped overseas, you really have to choose options wisely. But it is an investment and an opportunity. My IGLHAUT has opened up places that I didn’t know existed. I am able to explore remote areas without the worry that I might not make it out again. America so so vast and beautiful and the IGLHAUT Allrad can take you there.

BIKERUMOR: What’s the most basic package you offer? How much does that cost?

IGLHAUT: The basic conversion is permeant all wheel drive with a perfect 50/50 power split, off-road high/low transfer case (1:2.5 reduction) with 100% locking center diff, and 5” lift. Including all logistic, it costs approximately $50k.

BIKERUMOR: What’s the most outrageous build you’ve done and how much did that cost?

IGLHAUT: If you choose all the whistles and bells from IGLHAUT which is the basic conversion with 3 locking diffs, under body protection, wheel well enlargement with fender flares on 37” BF Goodrich KM3 on 18” light weight alloy wheels, upgraded front brakes, rear door spare tire carrier, centrifugal snorkel, and a 47.5 gallon aluminum fuel tank, the price is around $90K plus the 2WD base van.

BIKERUMOR: Can someone bring their used van in for an upfit? Or do you prefer to work exclusively on new vans?

IGLHAUT: We can go back to 2014 models.


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4 years ago

Love my Allrad!!

Ham jam
Ham jam
4 years ago

You pretty much have to buy the extended warranty from MB. It is not cheap. You pretty much have to service your van at MB to keep your warranty. You can go 20k miles or one year between service. A basic service is 900 to 1300 dollars. For pretty much just an oil change. I liked my van, but I felt scared to own it.

Greg daro
Greg daro
1 year ago

Can u convert a 2022 sprinter 24 foot rv to 4wd

Lisa Gagnon
Lisa Gagnon
9 months ago

Any chance of getting a 2003 up-fitted in the future?

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