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Velo add eMTB saddles w/ carry handles, plus anti-bacterial saddles & bar-tape

velo emtb saddles ebiking easy carry handle lift bike
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Velo have entered the ebike market with two new saddle options for eMTB and commuter ebikes. Both get Velo’s iCarry system, designed to help you lift your ebike more easily by picking it up at the rear of the saddle. That’s not all… there’s also an antibacterial saddle from Velo, designed to ward off odour-propagating microorganisms.

Velo eBike Saddles

velo emtb saddle easy carry handles

With their obvious heft, eMTBs can be notoriously difficult to move around when off the bike. To make the e-mountain biker’s life just that little bit easier, Velo have released two new saddles with carry handles.

velo emtb saddle blue yellowThe rear of these saddles has a hidden shaped region that allows riders to get a firm grip on the underside to help them lift their bike more easily.

velo emtb saddle icarry handle rear

The new Velo eMTB saddle has a short nose at 252mm long and 152mm wide. It is available in chromoly or steel rails, weighing a claimed 337g and 346g, respectively. Rails are of Velo’s Reversed ArcTech design, said to improve the saddle’s flexibility as well as add a little shock absorption.

velo ebike saddle carry handle easy lifting
Velo’s Atmos Shaping provides a seamless look between the casing and the waterproof cover

Velo have also released a new generic eBike saddle for commuters. It features the same hidden carry handles for lifting the bike when going up or down staircases when entering and exiting a subway. 

vel ebike saddle black 260mm long

This one measures up at 260mm long and 189mm wide. It is offered with steel rails only and weighs a claimed 404g. The Velo eBike and eMTB saddles both feature Velo’s proprietary AirForm seat material said to be 30% more shock-absorbing than traditional PU material.

Velo Anti-Bacterial Saddles

velo antibacterial saddles

These, we think, are an industry first. Low and behold, antibacterial saddles. Velo have released two of them; the PHAT-O and the Pump OM. Velo’s tests have shown the surface treatment can effectively reduce the growth of Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli bacteria.

Anti-bacterial handlebar tape

vel vine wrap bar tape antibacterial

Velo’s new Vine Wrap handlebar tape gets the same antibacterial coating. That surface treatment sits on top of a lightweight, durable and stretchable microfiber with shock-proof VexGel padding. It is said to be fade and wear-resistant and becomes tacky when wet.

For pricing and availability information of the new Velo eMTB and antibacterial saddles, contact your local Velo dealer.


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3 years ago

Those antibacterial saddles are perfect for those who prefer riding their bikes in the buff.

3 years ago
Reply to  Joenomad

Going for ultimate aero.

3 years ago

Lifting a +50lb ebike up by the saddle is not a very good idea…

What happens if you put an ebike saddle on a regular pedal bike? The horror…

3 years ago
Reply to  nooner

“Lifting a +50lb ebike up by the saddle is not a very good idea…” – Yep, I’d force that “genius”, who thought it would be a good idea, to carry an e-bike 2 floors up while holding it by the saddle and handlebar.

3 years ago

Why don’t they just put a big, cushy banana seat on eBikes?

huffagnolo SuperMagna
huffagnolo SuperMagna
3 years ago


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