Velo’s latest special-edition Chinese Zodiac saddle celebrates the Year of the Tiger

Since 2015, Velo has been tipping its hat to the Chinese Zodiac with limited-edition saddles featuring the animals that coincide with each year on the lunar calendar.

Velo Year of the Ox limited edition saddle.

Velo’s 2021 Chinese Zodiac Year of The Ox saddle.

Velo Year of the Mouse limited edition saddle.

Velo’s 2020 Chinese Zodiac Year of The Mouse saddle.

Saddles have featured the rooster, mouse, ox, dog, monkey and more.

This year is the year of the tiger, and Velo is charging ahead with two new saddle designs that pay homage to the animal that Chinese lore dubs the king of the mountain.

Velo Year of the Tiger limited edition Luminous Tiger saddle.

The first Year of the Tiger design is the Luminous Tiger, which features a large tiger across the seat that glows in the dark, surrounded by forests, flowers and white rabbits.

The second design, the Cotton Tiger, is based on the popular Chinese toy of the same name. It features seven cotton tiger faces in a line down the center of the saddle, along with the Chinese character of “King” (王), on each side.

Velo Year of the Tiger limited edition Cotton Tiger saddle.

Both designs are available on the Senso Edge mountain bike and e-MTB saddle. The saddle sits on Cr-Mo rails, weighs 330 grams and runs at 158mm in width.

The Senso Edge features an anti-slip design that keeps riders firmly in place when it gets wet or when riding aggressively. It also has an integrated I-Carry handle on the back to make lifting heavier bikes easier.

Other features include:

  • Velo’s AirForm technology, which forms to riders’ contact points and evenly distributes weight.
  • Atmos Shaping technology, which connects the saddle base and covers without a visible seam. combines the saddle cover and the base without a visible seam, making it waterproof and easier to clean.
  • Velo’s reversed ArcTech design, which provides stability in different riding positions and increased comfort.

Year of the Tiger saddles cost MSRP $99.

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