Must Watch: Top 3 runs of Red Bull Joyride, including Lemoine’s insane send!

This year’s Red Bull Joyride didn’t disappoint, offering the thrilling slopestyle stunts that spectators have come to expect on the biggest stage in mountain biking.

The video starts with a rundown of the course’s many insane installations, with a few jokes about Canadian culture thrown in. Then the real fun begins. The world’s best MTB riders huck it off giant logs, wooden satellite dish, and of course big, steep ramps for a fun romp at Crankworx Whistler on Aug. 13.

Don’t miss the incredible send by Tomas Lemoine, which was probably the highlight of the whole Joyride competition. Lemoine’s part starts at 54:18 in the full replay above. At this point, we’ve rewatched it over and over, and it still doesn’t seem real.

If you missed the first time Crankworx returned home to British Columbia in three years, we’re sorry. But we’ve got good news: you can still catch up on the highlights.

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