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Wheels Manufacturing Adds 12 New Hangers for Trek, Bianchi, Fuji, Ridley, Plus More on the Way

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New Hangers

Replacement derailleur hangers aren’t generally a part that is given much thought. For many cyclists, the fact that hanger is even replaceable likely goes completely unnoticed until their derailleur makes a fateful leap into the spokes. At that point it’s usually a “what will get me back on the road as quickly as possible” moment rather than what will result in the best shifting.

At this point we should probably point out that all derailleur hangers are not created equal. While they may look identical, material choice and precision can lead to mushy shifting or worse – having to single speed your bike just to make it home (you do have a chain tool with you, right?). While some stock derailleur hangers are forged from relatively soft aluminum, Wheels Manufacturing CNC  machines all of their hangers from 6061 billet aluminum with a black anodized finish.

As one of the leading manufacturers of replacement derailleur hangers, Wheels Manufacturing has called Colorado home since they started their operation in Boulder in 1988. Now in Louisville, Colorado, Wheels MFG possess an expansive and ever growing catalog with well over 900 different part. If there’s a small part that you need, chances are good that Wheels MFG has it, and it’s made right there in Colorado. After just announcing the addition of another 10 new derailleur hangers to the line up, we spoke with the founder of Wheels Manufacturing, Dave Batka about how they go about selecting new bikes for hangers. Some of the answers may surprise you…


Bikerumor: How do you decide which bikes to offer new hangers for?

Dave Batka: We produce new hangers based on several criteria.  The biggest is volume of bikes produced.  Less than 1% of hangers ever break so if a model has only 1,000 units produced, then the replacement market is nil.  If that bike shares a hanger with other models, we include all models.  The 2nd criteria is customer requests, whether that be distribution or consumers.  If I get 100 people asking about a hanger, there is a good chance I will produce it.

There are deeper questions here that need to be asked of manufacturers.  Why make bikes with such cheap hangers?  Why not just use our superior hangers in the first place?  Why not use an existing model hanger so that replacement is easier?

Bikerumor: Why not just create hangers for every bike?

Dave Batka: Creating the replacement hangers is very complicated and expensive.  More than ½ the new hangers we produce never sell enough for us to ever break even on the initial costs.  We produce them because people need them!

Even if you’re not in need of a new hanger just yet, having a spare with you on a ride or even just at the house can be a huge ride saver. Inevitably, if you don’t plan ahead you’ll end up breaking your derailleur hanger on a ride and since the local bike shop doesn’t have the right one in stock, you’ll end up testing out just how many zip ties it takes to hold a derailleur in place – that comes from real life experience.

The video above should help out in identifying your hanger, or you can always check the Wheels Manufacturing website for pictures of each and every hanger. All 200+. While it has nothing to do with this story, we did notice that Wheels MFG is running a special with a free multi-tool with any hanger purchase. Not a bad deal if you’re thinking of planning ahead.

As for the new hangers, there are 12 new models that cover a large range of bikes. We’re told that an additional 10 new hangers will also be introduced in early 2015.


#219 Fits many Fuji and Masi bikes


#223 fits Motobecane models and the Titus Fireline EVO 29er 2011-2012


#224 Ridley

  • Noah – 2013-2014
  • Noah Fast – 2013-2014

dropout-226.complete.600px#226 fits the Ridley Ignite Team 2012


#228 fits multiple Saracen  models


#229 fits Van Dessel Rivet 2009-2013

dropout-230.complete.600px#230 for the Trek Scratch


#232 will take care of your Trek Session 88 FR/DH 2009-2012


#233 is a new Trek ABP hanger that fits a lot of different bikes

  • Fuel EX 6 – 2012
  • Fuel EX 7 – 2012
  • Fuel EX 8 – 2012
  • Fuel EX 9 – 2012
  • Fuel EX 9.7 – 2012
  • Fuel EX 9.8 – 2012
  • Fuel EX 9.9 – 2012
  • Fuel EX 9.9 Frame – 2012
  • Fuel EX Carbon / Aluminum 142×12 Thru – 2011-2013
  • Full Suspension (All) 142 x 12 – 2015
  • Lush – 2012
  • Lush Carbon – 2012
  • Lush S – 2012
  • Lush SL – 2012
  • Remedy 7 – 2012
  • Remedy 8 – 2012
  • Remedy 9 – 2012
  • Remedy 9.8 – 2012
  • Remedy 9.9 – 2012
  • Remedy Carbon / Aluminum 142×12 Thru – 2011-2013
  • Rumblefish – 2012
  • Rumblefish / Elite / Pro 142×12 Thru – 2013
  • Rumblefish 1 and 2 142×12 Thru – 2011-2012
  • Rumblefish Elite – 2012
  • Rumblefish Pro – 2012
  • Session 157 x 12 – 2015
  • Session 9.9 157×12 Thru – 2012-2013
  • Slash 142×12 Thru – 2012-2013
  • Slash 7 – 2012
  • Slash 8 – 2012
  • Slash 9 – 2012
  • Superfly 100 Carbon / Aluminum 142×12 Thru – 2012-2013

dropout-234.outside.600px#234 fits seven different  Bianchi models

  • 928 Carbon –
  • Dama Bianca –
  • Infinito –
  • Monoq –
  • Oltre, Oltre XR –
  • Sempre –
  • T Cube –


#236 fits the Planet X stealth pro 235, and Exocet


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Mike Bechanic
Mike Bechanic
9 years ago

What I wouldn’t give to have component mfg’er or one of the larger bike companies establish a standard for attaching the hanger to a bike and try to stick with it. They variety of hangers out there is stupid and unnecessary.

9 years ago

Scraping from the bottom of the barrel are we?

9 years ago

Mike Bechanic +1

9 years ago

As a former mechanic for over a decade I wish they could form one standard for all the hangers in the world. Ultimately this would be very difficult due to different materials being used for the frames, different drop out and hub standards and the stressed caused by a full suspension mountain bike versus a road or time trial bike. At my house alone we have 3 different types of hangers in my parts box and every bike but my fixie and 1×1 are Specialized.

9 years ago

Spooky/ SC Stigmata/ Gaulzetti V2 hanger, please.

Surely there are enough of those frames around to satisfy the qualifications. (sarcasm, but it’d be nice to have a better option available).

9 years ago


9 years ago

Does anyone actually use anything less than 6061 for structural proposes?

6061 is probably the most widely available alloy of aluminum.

9 years ago

Many OEM hangers are die cast or forged rather than machined from billet, Anonymous.

9 years ago

Why not just have an online database of hanger drawings that can be downloaded and fed into any nearby metal 3d-print printshop instead? Would save a huge amount of time (for the riders) and money (compared to stock keeping inventory of 1000’s of models that almost never move).

5 years ago

Do have “on-for-all” hanger would be probably to much to ask – few points given here previously.
BUT – there probably can be mid-way – some 5 to 10 (max) hangers for different sizes and uses for frame.
And online database for those TEN would be pretty good thing to have 😉

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