Like most things, the Plus category continues to evolve. Originally sort of a fringe tire size for backpacking and the like, with the introduction of 27+ (and 26+), the line between obscure and main stream is starting to blur. As more and more companies introduce 27+ mountain bikes, equipment is improving a long with them. That means it’s time for carbon rims, like the new No. 9 50w from Whisky…

RM2611-02 RM2611-03   RM2611-01

Drawing on previous carbon rim experience, Whisky claims that the 50w is their most advanced rim to date. Part of that advanced design includes the hookless rim design with their TBLS, or True Bead Lock System which uses recessed channels for the tire bead to lock into. With a 45psi max pressure, the hookless rim is said to provide more impact resistance which is a good thing to have when running low pressures. Measuring in at 50mm wide and 44.5mm wide internally, the 525g rims havee a max recommended tire width of 3.5″.


The 50w includes a 5 year warranty but calls out a 300b weight limit as well as ASTM 3 use – “rough off road riding with jumps less than 24 inches.” It isn’t often we see the ASTM standard called out, but there is only one standard above 3 (4), which is for “extreme offroad riding.”

Rims will be available through QBP stocking dealers and include tubeless tape, valves, and spoke washers for $649.


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