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Wolf Tooth Components EnCase system hides tools inside flat or drop bars for easy access

cross section drop bar containing wtc encase multitool every day carry
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Having the right tool for the job is great. But not having to remember them as you head out for each ride is even better. More and more companies seem to be offering integrated storage solutions for tools for that very reason, but Wolf Tooth Components thought there was still plenty of room for improvement. Wanting to create a system that would work in both flat bars and drop bars while allowing easy access without tools, WTC developed a unique storage system that relies on storage sleeves with custom fit rubber flaps.

Storage Sleeves

One of the main challenges to any in-bar storage system is that the interiors of all bars are not created equal. Not only do the internal diameters vary, but the surface textures differ widely as well. Some carbon bars have very rough interiors with wrinkles and ridges left over from the molding process.

Because of that, WTC wanted to create a system that allowed for a wide range of adjustability while also holding the tools snugly in place to prevent rattling. According to WTC, the design of the storage sleeves was the most challenging part of the design given the design challenges. The result is a customizable system with replaceable rubber flaps if you ever need to install them in a different bar.

The rubber flaps are connected to end caps which simply push into the end of the bar and are removable without tools. Inside the end caps, you’ll find additional storage for either a chainlink or a presta to schrader adapter with a spare valve core.

Either the Hex Bit Wrench or Chain Tool + Tire Plug tools are then placed into the storage sleeves and can be slid into flat or drop bars. Some larger drop bars will require the included Drop Bar Fit Kit which will compensate for the extra room inside. The sleeves are made from EPDM rubber with 6061 aluminum end caps and weigh in at 36g.

Hex Bit Wrench

Inside those storage sleeves, you have two options for tools. The first is the Hex Bit Wrench  which is a 14 function tool. The tool includes 8 different bits, some of which are double sided to maximize functionality. The bits are held in place with a combination of magnets and o-rings.

The tool itself has a swivel head with a ball detent that allows it to be used as an L-wrench or straight. This should allow it to get into most tight spaces, while also providing plenty of leverage. The tool body is made from 7075 aluminum while the bits are CrV steel for a 50g weight.

Chain + Tire Plug

On the other side, you have the chain tool plus tire plugging tool. Fairly self explanatory, the chain tool handle doubles as a storage vessel for the tire plugger and extra plugs.

Compatible with 8-12 speed chains with a hardened chain pin, you’ll need a 4mm allen wrench to operate the chain tool if you don’t also have the Hex Bit Wrench.


The Tire Plug tool is a standard needle design with a pronged head meant to stab “bacon” strips into your tire to plug leaks. The tool includes 5 strips and additional refills are available. When not in use, the plugging tip stores in the handle of the chain tool, and reverses when needed for a solid handle. In total, the tool weighs in at 46g.


When it comes to purchasing the tools, you have some options. You can either purchase everything separately, or you can buy everything together as the Bar Kit One. The Bar Kit One includes the storage sleeves, Hex Bit Wrench, and Chain Tool + Tire Plug, and it sells for $119.95. The individual products sell for $49.95 for each tool plus $34.95 for the storage sleeves meaning you save a few bucks buying the complete set up. But if you only want to run one of the tools for some reason, or prefer to carry them in a bag or even your jersey pocket, the ability to purchase them separately gives you some options. WTC also has a catalog of spare parts ready for ordering as well in case you want to set up multiple bikes, or lose any parts along the way. All of it is available now.


● 14 functions (spoke wrench; valve core wrench; flat head #3.5; Phillips #2; 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex; and T10, T25, and T30 Torx)

● Magnets & O-rings keep all parts in place

● Ball detent swivel head helps access hard-to-reach places

● Handle doubles as breaker bar when ball detent swivel head is bent for extra torque

● Store in handlebar with a Wolf Tooth EnCase™ Storage Sleeve (sold separately)

● Magnet on bottom end of tool allows for storage on steel bike stands (or refrigerators)


● Compatible with all bicycle chains including 12-speed

● Inserter tool and bacon strips plug holes in tubeless tires

● Five strips included; refills available

● Hardened steel pin for lifetime durability

● Requires 4mm hex for chain tool driver


● Bonus storage space—fits a presta-to-schrader adapter and valve core or a master link (both sold separately)

● Vibration-damping material and snug fit prevents rattling

● Durable precision-machined aluminum end caps

● Custom fit rubber flap can be trimmed to fit in smaller diameter bars

● Included Drop Bar Fit Kit to customize fit for larger-diameter road handlebars


● Fits most standard mountain handlebars and most drop bars (except ergonomic drop bars that have hard angles in the drops)


● Weight:

○ EnCase System Bar Kit One: 132g

○ EnCase System Hex Bit Wrench Multi-tool: 50g

○ EnCase System Chain + Tire Plug Multi-tool: 46g

○ EnCase System Storage Sleeves: 36g

● Material:

○ Hex Bit Wrench Multi-Tool: 7075 aluminum, CrV steel

○ Chain + Tire Plug Multi-Tool: 7075 aluminum, CrMo steel

○ Storage Sleeves: EPDM rubber, 6061 aluminum

● Made in the USA



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4 years ago

I like.

North Krimsly
North Krimsly
4 years ago

That’s pretty cool. Only things missing are a torque wrench and space to store CO2 cartridges and inflator 🙂

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict
4 years ago


4 years ago

Why? I can understand tools you rarely use like a chain tool or a tire plug, but putting all handy tools in some weird spot is just silly.

4 years ago
Reply to  Pinko

Inside the handlebars is hardly weird. Weird would be inside the tire or inside the crank arm.

4 years ago

This is great. Anything to keep my bike looking streamlined and my pockets only filled with snacks!

4 years ago

Fantastic. Good to see more handlebar storage options being developed.

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