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Get a Handle on Your eBike with the New WTB Devo Saddle

Lifting an e-bike by the WTB devo saddleWhy didn't we think of this? All photos c. WTB
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Some ideas are just so simple, elegant, and downright useful that you have to wonder why it took our culture so long to generate them. That’s the case with the WTB Devo Saddle, a piece of engineering that tackled the question, “What’s the best way to move a heavy eBike?”

Answer? The same way you move every other heavy thing — with mechanical advantage.

In the Devo, that takes the form of a hole cut into the rear of the saddle for a handle. You might think that would feel weird, but WTB claims the hole is unnoticeable to even the most sensitive of butts. “[We] confirmed this through hundreds of hours of ride testing and pressure mapping,” the company wrote in a press release. (It is pretty far back there. If you’re leaning into your drops, for instance, you’d likely never notice it.)

WTB designed the Devo with e-riders in mind, dialing in flex and dampening to accommodate the tendency of e-mtb riders to “remain seated over technical, jarring terrain that a rider on a traditional bike would likely stand up to pedal through.” But other riders are sure to find some utility here. WTB points out that urban riders tend to have heavy loads with groceries and other cargo, and might also benefit from a handle within easy reach.

Saddle Design

The WTB Devo has a dramatically flared shape and a wide nose, plus a rounded tail. It’s 260mm long, and 142mm wide at its widest point. There are two proprietary WTB padding options: DNA and HLX. According to WTB, HLX padding is a little heavier and squisher, while DNA is a little firmer and lighter.

The saddle is also available with three different rail options. Here’s the full price breakdown:

The Devo is available for North American riders now on WTB’s website, and is forthcoming at WTB retailers around the world.


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11 months ago

I love this idea. This will let even more droppers fail and make people switch to our REVIVE. ^^

11 months ago

looks like a pretty good nut catcher (I’m old, sag isn’t just for suspension anymore LOL).

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