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Zefal offers plenty of cleaning power with 1 liter Bike Bio Degreaser and Bike Wash

Zefal Bike Wash
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Muddy bike, Della Creek B.C.
Sloppy days like this require more than a quick shower and wipe down…Della Creek, B.C.

I was mentored into the MTB scene by a well known Whistler-area ripper who earned the nickname ‘the cleaner’ for two reasons- First, he could clean nearly any technical section of trail and make it look easy. Second, he was known for leaving his bikes (and customer’s bikes at the shop) perfectly polished and completely dirt-free after repairs or services. If you’re like ‘the cleaner’ and you like your bikes looking showroom ready, Zefal has two handy products for you.

Alongside a broad array of fenders, pumps, mirrors, and other accessories the company offers a complete line of bike care products. For 2016, Zefal’s bike wash and biodegradable degreaser are now both available in larger 1L spray bottles…

Zefal Bike Bio Degreaser 1L bottle

Remember kids, it’s always best to de-lube before you re-lube. Zefal’s Bike Bio Degreaser contains dissolving agents to remove grease and dirt from friction-afflicted mechanical parts, and active components that eliminate dust. The product is comprised of an alkaline fluid that contains no wax or silicone, and acts as both a detergent and a degreaser.

The Bike Bio Degreaser is designed to act quickly, rinse off easily, and as the name suggests it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. No need to feel guilty as it leaches into the soil beneath the race pit tent or your local trailhead parking area!

Zefal Bike Wash 1L bottle

Zefal’s Bike Wash removes grime from your ride and helps protect delicate areas from dirt and dust buildup. It also effectively removes stains, so you can scrub away at those grease smears or heel scuffs. There’s no risk of promoting rust with the Bike Wash, so it’ll be safe to use on any type of frame including chromoly or steel.

For lovers of technical terminology or those who actually understand chemistry, the Bike Wash is comprised of an alkaline liquid with non-ionic surfactants and sequestering agents. That’s the fancy way of saying the formula leaves a film on your frame that encourages the dirt to rinse off easily, prevents dirt and dust from sticking, and dries up leaving nothing behind but a glossy finish.

The Bike Bio Degreaser and Bike Wash are now available at Zefal dealers. MSRP for the degreaser is $16 USD and $11 for the bike wash, check out the website to find a retailer near you.


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Ryan S
Ryan S
8 years ago

Wait, I’m supposed to clean parts other than my drivetrain?

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