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Forget the UCI, Upcoming Zwift Games are Open to All Riders

Zwift Games
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For those who live for races on Watopia and dream of competing on the world stage, you might just get your chance. Zwift will soon host the largest cycling esports competition, the Zwift Games. The Zwift Games aren’t just for the select few; anyone and everyone can throw their cap in the ring. The games will use a new multi-format competition, hoping to draw more competitors and break records for participation.  

After the 2024 Cycling Esport World Championship was awarded to MyWhoosh, Zwift concluded they didn’t need the UCI to host a worldwide cycling esports event. Zwift has the resources and many new courses, and now it’s open to more riders. 

peloton in a zwift screenshot

What are the Zwift Games?

The Zwift Games are a cycling esport competition open to all. Zwift will provide an open qualification pathway to the Zwift Games, then to Elite Finals, and finally to be crowned overall Zwift Games Champion. 

Zwift Play controllers in the game

How do I Enter the Zwift Games? 

Qualification races will take place in late February 2024, with the Zwift Games Elite Finals to be held over the first two weeks of March 2024. To give Zwifters a look at the future of Cycling esports, Zwift will also host exhibition races that showcase the latest innovations in Zwift racing.

There are three medal disciples: Sprint, Hillclimb, and Epic Champion. The Zwift Games will crown men’s and women’s Champions across the three disciplines and overall male and female champions. Winners will also take home a share of Zwift’s biggest-ever prize purse (announced in Dec)

Any Zwifter worldwide can participate in the Championship events and experience the fury of competition. There will also be community events for those uninterested in the championship. Allowing users to compete and test their times against the best in the world.  

Zwift Games Championship Races: 

The Zwift team describes the demands and expectations for each championship race. 

The Sprint Championship: This race is crafted with the best elements of the Zwift Battle Royale employed for the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships—a challenge for the best cycling esports sprinters. Racers will tackle several events back-to-back on various courses, including some new to Zwift. Qualifiers will be open to all Zwift riders, with the top finishers progressing to the finals. 

The Epic Championship: This is the race for Zwift’s steeliest athletes, those who like to go long. This grueling race will be at least 60km long and test every facet of competitors’ resolve. The race will use Watopia’s new Coastal Causeway and a new route. An Epic community event will take place at the same time as the championship. Any Zwifter can participate in either event without a qualifier, creating what may be the world’s largest-ever cycling esports event! 

The Hill Climb Championship: Since it opened in 2018, the Alpe du Zwift has been a Zwift monument and right-of-passage. More than 600,000 Zwifters have navigated its 21 hairpin turns and scaled its heights. During the Zwift Games, the mountain goats of Zwift racing will have the chance to race from the bottom to the top. Definitively establish who is the best Cycling Esports climber.

Are you interested in participating in a group climb but not looking to race? Join the community challenge, which will also feature the Alpe and other iconic Zwift climbs, which all have different levels of challenge.  

For more information about the Zwift Games and participation check out Zwift.com

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8 months ago

Much like my blood type outside of UCI testing, this is dope.

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