100Copies reflects light & dark in geometric Shine On cycling artwork

100Copies goes metallic in gold & silver with Thomas Yang’s latest geometric cycling art print. Taking inspiration from the contrast between riding through the day and the night, Shine On reflects its stylistic cyclist over contrasting white & black background. Pick how you want to hang this piece, whether riding through the light or dark inspires you most…

100Copies #49 – Shine On

100Copies #49: Shine On, cycling artwork art print, flip it

Which drives you most – riding in the day or night? Or maybe your get motivation pedaling through a heavy rain, or under a blazing sun? This new Shine On artwork aims to help cyclists imagine those polar extremes, reflected in gold and silver ink over either the rider’s shadow or reflection.

Why not let it reflect your riding preference?

You pick what you see, and how you want to hang it.

100Copies #49: Shine On, cycling artwork art print, reflective

This 100Copies #49 is a high-quality offset lithographic print on 252g Exel Satin paper, using Pantone Metallic Gold, Pantone Metallic Silver, Pantone Black ink for a crisp reflective finish. Suitable for archival use, the 84cm x 59.4cm print can be framed & hung black or white side up, with a special reflected 100 bike series logo.

100Copies #49: Shine On, cycling artwork art print, black over white

c. Thomas Yang, 100copies

As always with this series, just 100 hand-stamped & numbered prints of Shine On are made, sold for $100 plus international shipping from Singapore.


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