The big day is here! Out of the blue, we received an email announcing the big reveal!

Quick, go to and get the scoop. Hammerschmidt is developed for All Mountain and Freeride bikes only, you’ll need a frame with chainguide mounts on the frame for it to work. There doesn’t seem to be any videos of how exactly it works, but the gist is an internal transmission mechanism that allows for only one chainring (which you can change) to keep ground clearance really high and a single chain line so it won’t hop off.

Tech Specs: 

  • Internal planetary gear mechanism
  • There are two gears, 1:1 and Overdrive (1:1.6)
  • Run any 9-speed rear cassette
  • Compatible with any width chain
  • Effective 22/36 or 24/38 gear range
  • Designed to fit frames with ISCG 03 or ISCG 05 chain-guide mounting tabs
  • Crank arm lengths available: 165, 170 and 175
  • Compatible with 68, 73 or 83mm BB shells
  • Includes proprietary trigger shifter with reverse actuation
  • Seamless shifting under load or standing

More pics and info after the break…

So, what’s the difference between the Freeride and All Mountain versions? 

Freeride Crankarms are available in 165, 170 and 175 in Galvanized Silver.  The All Mountain version is lmited to 170 and 175mm lengths and comes in Tungsten Gray.  Both are made of AL 7050 TV, but the FR version is stiffer for FR-type abuse.

The Bottom Brackets are slightly different, too.  The FR BB has 12mm crankbolts for better stiffness, whereas the AM BB uses 15mm bolts for lighter weight.

Finally, the Shifters:  FR is compatible with HammerSchmidt X.9 shifters, while AM gets upgraded HammerSchmidt X.0 triggers.

Actually, there is one more difference…the logos.  Note the AM or FR designation:


Now for the pics:  First, the Exploded view:

truvativ hammerschmidt exploded view

Then, the Hammerschmidt Assembly:

truvativ hammerschmidt assembly


Check out for videos and more info, including complete user manuals.

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