Tyler Benedict


OR Gear Roundup #1: Coolers, cookers, campers, filters & pepper spray paint balls!

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2019 kicks off today, but we got a preview of a few killer new items to round out your bikepacking and...
are carbon fiber bicycle saddle rails worth the price

Everything you need to know about saddles – Part 1: The Rails

Ever wonder what all of the different materials, shapes, sizes and features really do on a saddle? Or why some seem to cost so...
Shimano mountain bike product manager explains xt and slx drivetrains and how to properly lube your chain

Bikerumor Podcast #015 –

During the new XT/SLX launch, we sat down with Shimano's North American Mountain Bike Product Manager, Nick Murdick, to discuss all the things. We...
thomas vanderham pro bike check with his 2019 rocky mountain instinct 29er

Pro Bike Check: Thomas Vanderham’s Rocky Mountain Instinct

Amongst the world of pro bikes, there live some that are just meant for play. By which we mean Thomas Vanderham doesn't really race,...
new WTB Vigilante 29x28 29-plus mountain bike tires

WTB Vigilante looms larger with aggressively tough new 29 x 2.8″ MTB tires

If you're gonna go big, then go big. Assuming you can find the right tires, that is... Until now, options for bigger 29+ mountain...
interview with Tori Fahey founder of apidura bike packing bags

Bikerumor Podcast #014 – Apidura founder Tori Fahey unpacks her startup story

As the gravel scene explodes, more and more riders are looking for longer adventures. And Apidura is right there with a bag for that,...
Silca headquarters tour shows how they make high end bicycle pumps and tools - plus a collection or original Silca pumps and prototypes

Silca’s Headquarters Tour will blow your mind in so many ways

From the over-the-top materials selection to the precision assembly and incredible attention to detail, this tour will both educate and entertain. And it should...
complete new shimano xt m8100 group for 2019

Shimano XT M8100 and SLX M7100 – complete price, spec & weight lists

The all-new Shimano XT M8100 group ushers in top-level performance borrowed from XTR, but brings the price down considerably and adds more options for...
first ride review of shimano xt m8100 new mountain bike drivetrain group for 2019

Shimano XT M8100 first ride review – shredding Bellingham’s loamy mountains!

Surrounding the official presentation, we spent two days ripping around the Bellingham, WA, trails on the all-new Shimano XT M8100 group. Check out our...



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