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Bosch adds Auto-Shifting w/ New TRP Electronic Derailleur

bosch trp easi automatic shifting drivetrain for e-bikes.

Bosch has unleashed a bevy of cool updates for their e-bike systems, from automatic shifting for a wide variety of drivetrain options, AI-managed assist levels to preserve battery life, a new ECO+ mode that gives you more range, and even the ability to customize the Purion displays. Let’s dive in…

Auto-Shift & TRP’s new derailleur

TRP EASI electronic wireless derailleur for bosch e-bikes.

Last year, TRP introduced their EVO mountain bike group. Then they announced a collaboration with Classified for a wireless 1x road & gravel group called Vistar. Now, they’ve given Bosch first dibs on an all-new electronic derailleur and shifters.

The system is called TRP E.A.S.I. (Electronic Automatic Shifting Integration), and the derailleur is powered by the bike’s motor, but controlled wirelessly by both shifters and Bosch’s system. Meaning, you can shift it like normal, or let the bike do it for you based on your desired cadence, which you input on the Bosch Flow app.

A separate button on the TRP CMD shifter lets you quickly toggle between manual and automatic shifting, which also activates two other cool features:

  • Auto-Downshift – shifts to an easier gear for you as you come to a stop for smoother starts
  • Roll Shift – it can shift for you even while coasting so you stay in the right gear

The TRP E.A.S.I. derailleur is e-MTB ready with a silent clutch and their cage-release lever for easy wheel swaps. It’s compatible with their 10-52 MTB cassettes, too, and they’ll have a more budget-friendly 10-50 cassette option also.

The automatic shifting part is more than just a TRP thing, though. Bosch is also offering it on bikes equipped with Enviolo Automatiq internally geared hubs. If you just want manual electronic shifting (Bosch calls it “eShift”), they now offer that on bikes with Shimano Di2 Cues derailleurs, plus Shimano Di2 Nexus, Rohloff E14, and 3×3 internally geared hubs.

Bosch Flow App now gives you more range & options

If you’ve ever ridden somewhere and hoped there’d be enough battery left to get you home, you’ll like the new Range Control feature. Use the Flow App to map your route, tell it how much battery charge you want left when you get there, and it’ll automatically adjust the bike’s assist level to do just that.

Other key updates in Version 1.22 include:

  • Customize data fields on Purion 200 displays
  • See CO2 savings (vs driving) for each ride
  • ABS & total braking activity for each ride
  • ECO+ mode turns off assist until you really need it to extend total range

ECO+ is available now as a firmware update through your local dealer, but will be available as an over-the-air update through the app in a later version…and may or may not be available for your bike depending on bike brand and any limitations they have on system updates.


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