Ron Frazelle

Title: Cycling Lifestyle Editor
Location: Anaheim, California



  • Topics of Expertise: Literally all things Cycling and bicycle Culture, Bikepacking, Camping, Overlanding, Underbiking
  • Years in Expertise: 27+
  • Number of Products & Number of Hours Tested: Someone who was in Product Development and in charge of component compatibility and over saw Quality Assurance for a very large bicycle manufacturer it was a lot. I would say between the BMX, Comfort, Road bike, Mountain bike and accessory lines, I have tested thousands of products (5000+) for at least 12,000+ hours. And that was just there…if you count the testing I’ve done for myself and on my blog…way, way more

Education & Certifications

  • Education: AA in Education
  • Years of Writing: 8+
  • Certifications: Shimano Certified technician
  • Club/Association Memberships: Rough Stuff Fellowship, Cal4Wheel

A Word from Ron

I am a complete cycling junkie with a large creative streak, I love expressing myself through my writing and I have been in love with the bicycle since the age of 5. This is the perfect profession for me.

I started in the bike industry in late 1994 working in product development for a large bicycle manufacturer…I started writing my blog in 2015, in 2016 I took the role of Global Sales Manager for Bikerumor hoping to eventually start writing for them.

My personal interests are my family, bicycles, being outdoors, camping, playing in my band.