If you’re passing through Grand Haven, MI, stop by the Train Depot Museum for the “Circles in Motion: The American Bicycle 1860-2008” exhibit, running through Fall 2008. Bikes on display represent the entire history of cycling in America along with some interesting tidbits:

  • The lower cross bar Women’s bike was introduced in the 1890s, liberating women to ride and leading to the first boom in the industry.
  • In the 1890s, one-third of all patents were bicycle related.
  • Some tandems in the 1890s allowed men to steer from the rear seat, which some say is the root of the term “back seat driver”.
Photo is of a Schwinn Mead Ranger motobike, circa 1920.  Check out the battery canister for the light! (© 2008 Muskegon Chronicle / Cory Morse).
Full article here, and a picture slide show of the exhibit is here.

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