After posting our interview with Kirk Pacenti on the 650b wheelsize, we inquired with Industry Nine about the wheels on the Lynskey pictured near the end of the post.  Here’s the response from Brandi at I-9:

“Well in the mountain world we will build to pretty much any rim drilled 32 hole and we have now built several 650b wheels, a few on Velocity Blunts (like the wheels on the Lynskey) and a few on the ZTR 355’s.  We actually have a few 650b 355 rims on the shelf (unbuilt).  There have been many inquiries into the 650b and previously (we’ve had) a few sets ordered as well.  A couple of people have been inquiring into front wheels only, I guess they are wanting to try to get away with the larger front wheel on the front of their 26’er???  I guess it would fit, just stay out of the mud!”

So, if you’re building up a 650b’er and want some sweet, made in Asheville wheels, just pick the rim you want and place your order (Industry 9 manufacturers the hubs and wheels, but uses any 32-hole rim, 29’ers included).

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