Velocity was showing some sweet new rims with graphics and (say it in a leprachaun voice) all the colors of the rainbow, hoo hoo.  The graphic rims are powder coated using brand new technology, then UV coated to prevent fading.  No word on how long it lasts on the braking surface, though.  They’ll be available sometime around late November, just in time for your holiday shopping.  Hit the “more” link to see lots and lots of pictures of all the designs.  Also, we’ll show you their superlight 29’er racing wheelset…

The graphic rims will retail for about $120 and weigh 550g.  Actual pricing is set by the retailer, so $120 is a ballpark.  They are a V-shaped, 32 hole, non-machined-sidewall road rim.  Custom graphics are available, and to avoid any art/set up charges you need to get at least 200 rims.  Scroll all the way down for pics and info on the 29er wheelset.

…and they’re available in a rainbow of colors:

For 29’ers, they’ve got their Blunt Pro wheelset coming out soon.  Shown below, it’ll MSRP for $900 and weighs in at just under 1800g.  That’s really light for a 29er wheelset, and I felt the front wheel and it was impressively feathery.  Shown in light blue, it’s supposedly available in any of the colors shown in the pic above.


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