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Look’s models show off their all-new, 16.5lb (as shown) time trial bike.  For a full-aero time trial bike, that’s pretty light, and we’ve got lots of pics to show you how they did it.  In addition to the flagship 596 shown here, they have the new 576 and 566 TT and Road bikes for 2009.  Read “more” for lots of pics and specs…

The 596 is an entirely new frame for Look for 2009.  The integrated steerer/fork combo creates a very aero front end.

The integrated steerer/fork also features a proprietary adjustable stem.  It rotates up and down to allow very fine-tuned adjustments and can be mounted as shown or in the bolt hole shown just below the pivot, allowing you to drop it much lower to really get tucked down.

The rear end continues the aero tubes with some beefy (presumably stiff) chainstays.  One of the ways they kept the weight down was with their sweet new full carbon, one piece crankset (we’ll dedicate a full post to that in a second).  The frame/fork/headset/stem/seatpost/pedal/crank & BB combo will MSRP for $5,000 USD.  The frame will come with inserts to allow for riders to use standard cranksets if a) you really want a power meter or b) you’re sponsored by someone.  For everyone else, when you see the post, there’s no reason not to use the sick-light crankset that comes with the frame.

The seatpost that comes with this bike is their e-Post, which fits into their integrated seat tube and allows for 3cm of vertical adjustment.  Put it in the frame and tighten an allen bolt facing down into the seat tube and the black elastomers expand into the frame to hold it in place.  Despite the aero shape, the hole that it goes into (and the shape of the post) is oval, so you can reverse the post to get a more forward seating position and giving you a lot of flexibility in fitting the frame to your style and intended use (triathon anyone?).

Next down the line is the 576, which is still an aero frame and sells for $3,000 with full SRAM Rival kit.  The frameset is the same as the 596, but uses a standard headset/stem/fork setup.

For conventional road riding, the 566 is a new model that uses a flat toptube, thin seat stays and shaped chainstays to give it a ride somewhere between race and comfort geometry.  It’s fast, but it shouldn’t beat you up on long rides.  It’s available as a frame/fork/headset at 1100g for $1,800, or built with SRAM Rival Compact for $2,700 or Ultegra SL for $3200.  Here are some close up pics:

Note the flat section of the chainstay to give it a little vertical compliance while remaining laterally stiff.

For components, they’ve got a new stem color (wait for it…), white!


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    it took me a few seconds
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