NOTE: This video is available in HD! Mouseover the video, click the “HD is Off” button, then click in the middle and a new Vimeo window will open with the HD version.

Our post on Storck’s bikes from Interbike 2008 is here.  In addition to the video run down of the bicycles, founder Markus Storck also gave a quick example of the leading edge carbon technology they’re using to produce some of the lightest and arguably stiffest and most comfortable road bikes in the world.  This is pretty neat, and I definitely recommend watching it in HD to really see the detail inside the tubes.  Then, read “more” via the link below to see close up photos of the insides of the carbon tubes.

The tube on the left uses Storck’s new technology to push the resin through the fiber from the inside out, resulting in less resin stuck inside the tube after manufacture.  The tube on the right was produced using traditional methods, and you can see the resin (red) leftover.

A closeup of the conventional tube showing the leftover resin.

One other cool thing Storck has, which I forgot to include in the other post is this 12g carbon bottle cage (below).  12 grams!


  1. Hi I was wondering whjat steps are required to actually build a carbon frame, and what kind of budget would I need.
    When I say step I was thinking about:
    engineering, testiong, molding etc.
    Can you help me out?

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