Word on the street is Todd Branham, the promoter of the Off Road Assault on Mt. Mitchell and the Swank 65, is putting together plans for a mountain bike stage race in the sweet trails of Pisgah National Forest!

Big thanks to Jeremiah Bishop for the heads up on this…he’s super excited since he’s based in VA.  “It’d be great to have a national caliber stage race here…the only options right now are things like the TransRockies and Ruta, which are very expensive and very far away.”

I’m working on more details…stay tuned.

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  1. Ivor Wigham on


    I don’t know if you can help me, we are in a position to put on a really great mountain bike weekend event, if possible a regional championship event.

    We are able to set up a 16 mile loop (single pass) of mixed surfaces to include our new paved 2 mile road course.
    Also some obstacles like water crossings, log piles, mounds, railway ties, concrete pipes etc.Forest trails, sand course, rally tracks, ATV course.

    We have a new paddock to park 600 vehicles, 80 seat concessions, classrooms for officials.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Ivor Wigham,
    European Rally School & Motorsport Park.
    7266 Airport Road,
    Keystone Heights Airport,
    Starke, FL 32091.
    Tel. 352 473 2999.
    Fax. 352 473 0105


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