rocket shower waterless body wash sprayRocket Shower recently signed Trek Bicycles to help distribute their product to bike shops.  Good news, right?  Now, here’s what you care about:

Rocket Shower is formulated using witch hazel, citrus, mint, vitamin E and a trace amount of alcohol. Spray it on and the formula helps evaporate sweat and kills the bacteria that causes body odor. Peppermint and grapefruit oils cool the skin and makes you smell good…thank goodness they didn’t use patchouli.

It’s safe to spray everywhere, even the privates, although, personally, I’d avoid the eyes.

It comes in 8.5oz, 4oz and FAA-friendly 2oz bottles.

I wish I’d had some of this before I crawled back in my tent between night laps at the BURN 24 Hour

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