I’m almost embarrassed by the source of this post, but Perez Hilton had this up yesterday:

“Lee Crider is looking at a solid three years behind bars at his sentencing in Sacramento next Monday. The bike thief pled no contest to burglary and theft for stealing the Tour de France champ’s time trial bike along with two other bicycles back in Februrary.

Dung Hoang Le, the man who purchased the $10k bike from Crider for a measly $200 is also looking at 90 days in the slammer.

We believe in paying the time for the crime, but three years??? That’s the same sentence as Grand Theft Auto!”

ESPN added this:

A police report says (Le) bought Armstrong’s $10,000 bike, a Trek Livestrong 1274, from Crider for $200. He later turned it in to police.

Yep, that’s the bike model alright…A Trek Livestrong 1274.  Look it up, it’s in their catalog.


  1. Did you read some of the commentary (granted it was hard to find on-topic commentary)? People were complaining because the guy gets three years for grand theft larceny. I’m still trying to figure out why they hammered the guy who turned the bike in. Did he have a history of fencing stolen goods? Was there evidence he tried to flip the bike himself?

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