The 2009 RAGBRAI was the 37th ride across the state of Iowa. Upwards of 10,000 riders from all 50 states and other countries participated in the 7 day event that is always held the last full week in July. The route averages 470 miles and changes from year to year. Each year eight cities host the over night parties. And from the pictures on their site and on Flikr, the parties are never boring. Including a RAGBRAI skinny dip (I’m not going to link to it; you’ll have to find it on your own.) In addition to over night festivities, each town offers fresh made pies to the riders. Even first time riders know the rules: Eat lots of pie!

Check out a few more Pictures from 2009 and a video of Lance Armstrong talking about the 2006/2007 RAGBRAI…




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