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SR Suntour Durolux 38 Spreads Out w/ New Chassis & Damper

2025 SR Suntour Durolux 38 enduro fork shown on a mountain bike

The SR Suntour Durolux 38 moves their burliest single-crown fork squarely into the realm of enduro and all-mountain. A bigger chassis and wider stance give it a commanding presence, plus new “EVO” rear shocks and updates to their Auron and GVX forks round out the updates for 2025. There’s also an all-new damper at the top end of their fork range.

2025 SR Suntour Durolux 38

closeup details of new 2025 SR Suntour Durolux 38 enduro fork

The Durolux upgraded to 38mm stanchions in 2021, so the big change here is its overall width. The “Leg Center” distance increases from 145mm to 151mm distance, which means they basically spaced the stanchions 6mm further apart. This made room for larger lowers giving it a wider stance, beefier body, and a hair more tire clearance.

closeup details of new 2025 SR Suntour Durolux 38 enduro fork

Dropouts come in flush to accommodate that growth, maintaining standard 110mm Boost spacing.

closeup details of new SR Suntour RC Plus damper controls

It gets a new RC+ damper that’s been in development for four years and simplifies the external controls to low-speed only for both compression and rebound.

At one point, SR Suntour’s top damper was the R2C2, which provided external control of both high- and low-speed compression and rebound. Then they simplified by eliminating the high-speed rebound, and now they’re simplified it even more.

Why? They say most riders would set the high-speed compression to almost the same spot, regardless of rider weight or riding style. And once they set it, they rarely changed it. So why bother with the complexity of making it adjustable? It’s still internally adjustable via the shim stack for riders who really need something different.

But wait, there’s more…

closeup details of new 2025 SR Suntour Durolux 38 enduro fork

The 2025 Durolux is their first fork with splash lube in the lowers. The damper cartridge has a bleed port at the top to expel any extra that it might ingest. A new machining process dramatically improves the tolerances and alignment between upper and lower bushings. They say this reduces friction so much that the stanchions will just slide down on their own when inserted into the lowers (before adding the damper and air spring, of course).

The SKF seals carry over, but they add lubrication ports that use a disc brake bleed kit fitting to attach. It can be had as a Durolux 38 X model with integrated ABS mounts and a solid crown version for heavier e-bikes. Otherwise, you get a lighter hollow crown and no ABS mounts. Available in 160/170/180mm travel, weight TBA.

2025 Auron 36

2025 sr suntour auron mountain bike fork mounted on a wood wall

The SR Suntour Auron bumps up to 36mm stanchions. That’s a bump from 35mm, which was up from 34, so it’s gone from downcountry to proper all-mountain fork and comes in 150-160mm travel versions. It also gets the new RC+ damper.

Edge EVO inline shock

2025 SR Suntour Edge EVO rear shocks for mountain bikes

The new Edge EVO inline shock is their new top of the line XC/Trail/AM shock. It has a larger positive air chamber that makes it more tunable with spacers. Internally, a chrome steel inner shaft and increased bushing overlap makes it to resist lateral forces imposed by suspension yokes and links.

It comes in two air can volume options (shown), with three damping cartridge controls:

  • R – external rebound only
  • 2CR – external rebound plus open/closed compression
  • 3CR – external rebound plus open/pedal/closed compression

GVX gravel suspension fork

2025 SR Suntour GVX gravel suspension fork

Not new or updated is the SR SUntour GVX gravel suspension fork. But they wanted to point out that it has the largest negative chamber volume by percentage of anything they’ve made. That lets you run higher pressure so it has good support, but is still really compliant on the little stuff. I’ve ridden it and it is indeed a rather good gravel fork.


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25 days ago

I hope they lowered the forks’ pitch…

I almost bought the previous Auron RC2, but when I checked that the uppers never hide fully but leave around 20mm (so the 140mm Suntour is around the length of 160mm RS/Fox fork), I resigned – if I overfork my bike, I’d rather have more travel up front.

Apart from that one detail – SR forks are amazing, especially the high end ones.

24 days ago
Reply to  Mike

So when you’re saying “pitch” you’re talking about axle to crown measurements, no?

22 days ago
Reply to  TheKaiser

Maybe “pitch” was not a correct word I should’ve used – there’s multiple different definitions of it and nobody can specify the “right one”.

But what I was talking about is eg. a 160mm travel SR fork had upper stantions sticking out 180mm (2cm would never go inside the dust seals), which yes – in the end raised the whole axle-to-crown length.

Mark Larson
20 days ago
Reply to  Mike

Yes, the Axle to Crown is in line with all the major competitors since the advent of the EQ System.

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