INTERBIKE 2009 – In addition to the road-going R-SYS Ultimate, Mavic was showing off one of two pair of new Crossmax Ultimates.  Shown above in Clincher form, Mavic claims they weigh in at just 1250g per set, a full 270g (0.6 lbs!!!) lighter than their Crossmax SLR Disc wheelset.

Supposedly, these have been raced under the Luna Chix and Euro Cannondale racers this year, as well as in the Beijing Olympics.  The other pair they weren’t showing?  Those would be the Crossmax Ultimate Tubulars that weigh in at approximately 1150g.  More on those and lots of good photos after the jump…


Alloy hubs and rims with standard 6-bolt rotor mounts…which makes the weight all the more impressive since many other superlight wheels get their weights partially by using Centerlock mounts.



The front hub has some additional milling out from between the rotor bolt holes.

The clinchers get aluminum rims that look very similar to (and might be the same as) the Crossmax SLR wheels’ rims, except fully painted.  Probably smart that they made the mountain version true-able.

The tubulars, which they did not have on display, supposedly have a carbon/alloy mixed rim, and they’re claimed to weigh in at just 1150g per set.



  1. I have a set of R-Sys road wheels that I raced a full season of cross on last year which have held up just fine. I started riding them again a few months ago to get ready for this cross season, and in doing so I’d take them down to the local singletrack on my cross bike. A few nasty falls later, one of which left me standing on the wheel itself, and they’re still like new.

    I wish people who have no first hand experience with the wheels would stop defaulting to “I bet those are going to blow up on you” whenever the subject comes up.In my experience and from other people I’ve seen riding them they’ve been great.

  2. Well said chris. As far as I know there have been only 2 r-sys failures WORLDWIDE since the recall – 2 !! Out of how many wheels – got to be thousands, work out the percentages people, probably better than any other wheel ! Any large company such as magic would not release a knowingly dangerous product because of the liability issues ( ie. Being sued to hell)

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