Focus Bicycles USA announced this week that, in addition to other independent bike shops, Focus bikes will be available through Performance Bicycle‘s website, catalog and in select retail locations, beginning in Spring 2010.

The German bike company makes a complete line of bikes from road, mountain, commuter, and cross. Including the high end road bikes ridden by both Germany’s Team Milram and the U.S.-based Jelly Belly Professional Cycling Team.

Check out our review of the 2009 Izalco Team road bike.

Also check out our Interbike coverage of a few of Focus’s offerings:

2010 Izalco Team Road Bike

2010 Mares Pro Cyclocross Bike

2010 Raven Extreme Carbon Mountain Bike


  1. It really is a shame to see that a company, like Foucs, who is on it’s way up in regards to cycling-hotness as it is just beginning to garner some high-end credibility – has chosen to supply to a chain bicycle store (not shop) that more oft employs college undergrads who don’t ride as well as supply a bevy of knock-off bicycles and components. I know the good people at BikeRumor.com rave over these bikes and I’ve seen a few in person at the trade show, totally schweet! But in this reader’s mind, this motion to partner with Performance in the USA only discredits Focus as a brand taking it’s place on the lusty-upper-pedestal to the just-another-bike-with-flashy-logos-bought-from-Performance category. It really is a crying shame.

  2. Why is it a shame? For Focus, who is as you say is “on it’s way up in regards to cycling-hotness as it is just beginning to garner some high-end credibility,” I can’t think of a better way to get their product on the radar screen of the average American consumer than to pair up with the biggest bike retailer in the US, while at the same time streamlining their distribution process. When I heard this was in the works, I looked at their previous distributor, Speedgoat Bicycles, and had dig to find the Focus bikes on their website. You can bet Performance will have these bikes prominently placed on their website and in their catalogs. Would you have the same things to say about Spot or Lynskey (both of which have bikes for sale on Performance’s website)? And the Performance shops that I go to employ guys that race and ride in every aspect of cycling, from pros who turn a wrench in between multi-day stage races to Ironman finishers to cross to track to DH racers to a guy who does at least one century every month.

  3. Why not is right. I agree with Tim. Focus bikes are already sold in the UK from an online retailer- Wiggles. Performance is just this shores’ version. I’ve only been to one Performance retailer, in Santa Monica, CA and the wrenching there is pretty good and the staff is pretty knowledgeable, a lot better than some of my LBSs but it depends on the shop and whose working there that day.

    Focus is a legitimate brand and glad to see them finally in the US. It will definitely make the other big name brands pay attention. The value for the product is unmatched. 2K-2500 for a solid carbon frame with Ultegra. Jenson USA will most likely sell them too, since they stock the 09 and putting email feelers out on the brand. Compare the spec line up to say, Specialized, Giant, Trek and no comparison. You’re just paying for the name.

  4. I can’t comment on the quality of “Performance” but from a UK perspective Wiggle is certainly a highly respected retailer, who offer a 30 day trial on their products (competing with your LBS where you can actually try before you buy). As for Focus bikes themselves, I have just ordered a 2011 Cayo 2.0 when I was actually in the market for a Pinarello FP2! Yes the Pinarello looks absolutely STUNNING (what else do you expect from the Italians?) the Cayo was too good value to ignore, and not bad looking itself! Can’t wait for it to arrive now.

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