Found by Xterra triathlete stud Conrad Stoltz while lurking around Specialized HQ, this one-off carbon fiber tandem is based on Specialized’s 2010 SHIV time trial bike.

Made to be as aero as possible, everything that can be integrated is, including the computer, aero bars, brake and shifter cables and even the front drivetrain.  The leader pedals a crankset linked to the stokers’ via an internal shaft drive.

There are a couple of other interesting tidbits worth noting:  First, those are SRAM carbon deep V rims laced to Specialized’s Roval Rapid Star hubs (which, interestingly, are no longer shown on their website).  Second, the Stoker has no brake levers.

More pics after the break…


Non-adjustable seat posts mean it better fit…or that it was made with specific riders in mind.  Look how low the stoker’s face would be…


Fully integrated aero bars and computer, among other speedy touches, led Stoltz to dub this the “Supersonic Divorce Machine.”


The SHIV tandem uses disc brakes front and rear with hidden cables.  Not sure if they’re hydraulic, which would mean some serious engineering to the brake levers, or cable actuated.

Check out more photos on Conrad’s blog.  Found via BikeRadar via VeloGogo.


  1. Supersonic Divorce Machine is the greatest three-word phrase ever. And using it to describe this bike was genius. Now I want to start a rock band called Supersonic Divorce Machine. hahahaha….I can’t stop laughing.

  2. Like Michael Mentioned, Stokers rarely if ever have brake levers, they often have hoods (& in cases non functioning levers) for comfort… This is more than likey a non or minimal functioning show bike (the bicycle equivalent of a show car) … ie: no front deraileur… Finally if those brakes are actually functioning, they have to cable actuated discs’, no way SRAM have a hydraulic RED lever… FWIW, this seems like the ideal application for Di2
    Cannondale was renown for this back in the 90’s. A great incubator for out of the box thinking & development of new ideas & concepts.

    Too bad we rarely, if ever see this kind of stuff at interBike these days.

    • That’s cause most of the big companies (Trek, Specialized…) have stopped showing their bikes inside the show at Interbike, and not much sense in bringing a ridiculously expensive one-off beauty to the dirty, dusty Outdoor Demo!

      So stokers don’t have brakes? Learn something new everyday…thanks for the comments!

  3. More pics pleeeeeeeeaaaaaasse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Make me one, it’ll still be cheaper than actual divorce

  4. This bike is made of plastic….Specialized has a 3D printer to create there frames and build them up for shows…. sit on one and thats the end of the bike. This is a concept like most other bikes on the site… designed for attention only. shaft drive? Really? Way too much friction for a high performance machine. Magura hydraulic brakes with Red shifters? Okay. Right. If no one rides the bike the levers don’t have to connect the brakes. Since the plastic bike will never be ridden, there’s no need for real brakes. Since it will never be ridden, there is no need for adjustable fit, front derraileur, adjustable stem lenght, real shaft drive. The big S’s designers are way ahead of their engineers.

  5. ASHIMA have just been showing a cable- acutated hydraulic disc brake for road bikes, using the cable from STI/ Ergo/ whatever to squeeze a stem- mounted master cylinder…

  6. Man,this is a sight for sore eyes, plastic or not…Are there any companies that manufacture carbon fibre racing tandem? Can someone send me a link to these sites

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