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2010 Rotwild Mountain And Road Bicycles

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2010 Rotwild R.R2 Full suspension world cup edition

2010 Rotwild product line offers a huge range of build options and features several design tweaks. Including the newly designed ALS II racing rear suspension system. In addition to the R.R2’s new suspension, it is also offered in the 2010 World Cup edition (above). Sporting upgraded Magura Marta SL brakes, DT  XRC 1250 carbon wheelset, Team Ergon setup fork and color scheme, and weighs in at a reported sub 21lbs!

Geometry tweaks and suspension enhancements have been made the to other cross country, free ride, enduro, and downhill mountain bikes. The R.S2 road bicycle appears fairly unchanged, but it still sweet looking.

Check out the pics and details below…

2010 Rotwild R.R2 FS Team

2010 R.R2 Full Suspension – Team Edition

The lay-up of all carbon tubes and frame components with regard to weight and rigidity was improved for the R2, with special attention to the bottom bracket area. To increase the drive efficiency, the bottom tube was completely newly developed and its bending and torsional rigidity was optimised. In combination with the equally newly developed BB92 press-fit bottom bracket the bottom bracket rigidity is increased by 20 % at the same weight.

Performance and thrust are particularly influenced by the centre of gravity distribution. The R2 frame has a longer chain stay in combination with a steeper steering tube angle resulting in improved wheel-load distribution between the front and rear wheels. This makes it possible to reduce the dynamic wheel-load changes = bobbing effect (compression during pedalling) by around 8%. The steeper seat tube angle makes a more centred seating position over the crank, providing more efficient power input.
Also, unlike many full suspension bike, the R2 is capable of carrying two water bottles.

2010 Rotwild Full suspension ALS II

Active Linkage System II, ALS II, is a brand new Rotwild suspension technology. The ALS II is drive- neutral, permanently open and active.

The chain stay design in combination with the specially matched shock absorbers make an open suspension system, which functions permanently and without sophisticated special technical solutions, possible. When the maximum spring deflection becomes necessary downhill, it makes its reserves available. The ALS II provides 110 mm spring deflection for fast and demanding downhill rides, without negatively affecting the thrust.

To improve the traction of the chain stay, special development emphasis was placed on the transfer ratios of the chain stay. The ALS chain stay turns with a constant radius around a fixed pivot point, the lever ratio stays unchanged over the whole spring deflection range. Supported by new, fully filled and sealed industrial ball bearings, which ensure extremely sensitive responding properties at high mileage.


The R.R2 is also offered as a hard tail and in several trim levels including World Cup, Team, Comp, Race, and Gran Turismo. The R.R1 is a less expensive line of the R.R bikes and is also available as a full suspension or hard tail and in several trims. Including the Race, Comp, and Gran Turismo.

2010 R.R2 Team Edition Specs

  • Fork: MAGURA DURIN 100 Dynamic Remote Lockout / Rebound / ADP Racing Setup
  • Bar: ROTWILD B120 Carbon
  • Stem: ROTWILD S120 AL 7075
  • Post: ROTWILD P180 Carbon 31.6
  • Saddle: FIZIK TUNDRA
  • Crankset: SHIMANO XTR 44 x 32 x 22 Z
  • Shifter: SHIMANO XTR
  • Front Derailleur: SHIMANO XTR 34.9 Rear Derailleur: SHIMANO XTR
  • Cassette: SHIMANO XT 11-32 Z
  • Brakes: FORMULA ONE 24-S 160 / 160
  • Wheels: DT XR 1450 RWS DT Aerolite / Star Rachet
  • Tires: CONTINENTAL RACEKING SS Black Chili Compound / foldable / 26 x 2.20
  • Weight: (M) 9,9 kg


2010 R.C2 Full Suspension – Edition

The C bikes are characterised by their suitability for everyday use. The 2010 carbon frame construction and kinematics have been enhanced. For rear shock travel from 120 mm to 150 mm, Rotwild relies on the independently developed XMS technology (145mm version pictured below). The basic concept of the sealed cartridge bearings and maintenance-free XMS has already proven itself in numerous tests; yet for 2010 it has been fine-tuned. A FOX shock with boost valve technology specially matched to the R.C1 FS, is exclusively available to Rotwild. The use of a shorter shock absorber reduces the tilt of the seat stays and makes for a more compact design. The activation of the newly developed linkages (deflection lever) positions the virtual pivot point within the line of chain tension. The chain stay remains almost unaffected by the effects of the drive and instead increases traction during pedalling.

Like the R.R bikes, the R.C line offers a range of full suspension, hard tail, and trim levels. Including the full suspension carbon framed R.C2  in the Edition, Pro and Comp trims. The aluminum 7005 T6 framed R.C1 is avaiable in full suspension and hard tail, in either the Pro or Comp trim levels. There is also a women’s specific R.C1 full suspension and hard tail.

R.C2 Edition Specs

  • Fork: FOX 32 F120 FIT RLC
  • Bar: ROTWILD B220 AL 2014
  • Stem: ROTWILD S120 AL 7075
  • Post: ROTWILD P200 AL 7075 31.6
  • Crankset: SHIMANO XTR 44 x 32 x 22 Z
  • Shifter: SHIMANO XTR
  • Front Derailleur: SHIMANO XTR 34.9/ Rear Derailleur: SHIMANO XTR
  • Cassette: SHIMANO XT 11-32 Z
  • Brakes: FORMULA ONE 24-S 180/ 180
  • Wheels: DT XR 1450 RWS DT Aerolite / Star Rachet
  • Tires: CONTINENTAL MOUNTAIN KING PT Black Chili Compound / Dura Skin / 26 x 2.20
  • Weight: (M) 10,9 kg

2010 Rotwild R.X1 FS Edition Mountain Bike Free ride

2010 R.X1 Edition

In suspensions with more spring deflection the following applies: The geometric construction determines the focal point and thus influences the handling and riding comfort. Therefore, the ROTWILD engineers have designed the R.X1 frame for All Mountain use much more compact, so that the seat position is more upright, providing more control. Through the shorter top tube the centre of gravity shifts forward, simultaneously exerting more pressure on the front wheel. Resulting in more downhill control.

The height of the bottom bracket was also adjusted: On the one hand high enough to ride over roots and other obstructions without getting caught. On the other hand low enough to keep the centre of gravity low enough not to lose speed and motion around fast bends. In addition, the matching steering angle provides for a smooth and safe ride.


The new development of the four-bar linkage system XMS aimed at a spring deflection range from 145 mm. In the R.X1 the exclusive FOX shock absorbers with boost valve technology are used. Depending on the respective shock absorber position the innovative boost valve technology regulates the level of pressure absorption at compression via a control valve. This technology absorbs sudden impacts substantially better and provides for example for a softer landing after a jump. Together with the fork that can be lowered, the climbing properties are not neglected.

The Rotwild engineers adapted the chain stay linkage to a higher lever ratio for the R.X1. During the compression process a higher progression is set, so that a lowering of the chain stay is avoided.

The 2010 R.X1 has an aluminum 7005 T6 frame and is only offered as a full suspension bike. It comes in three trims: Edition, Pro and Comp.

2010 R.X1 Edition Specs

  • Fork: FOX 32 TALAS 150 FIT RLC
  • BAR ROTWILD B280 AL 2014
  • Stem: ROTWILD S140 AL 6061
  • Post: KS P460-A AL 7075/6061 31.6 / Adjust / Travel 125 mm
  • Crankset: SHIMANO XTR 44 x 32 x 22 Z
  • Shifter: SHIMANO XTR
  • Front Derailleur: SHIMANO XTR 34.9/ Rear Derailleur: SHIMANO XTR
  • Cassette: SHIMANO XT 11-32 Z
  • Brakes: FORMULA ONE 24-S 180 / 180
  • Wheels: DTM160015QR/10TARWS DT Competition / Star Rachet
  • Tires: CONTINENTAL RUBBER QUEEN Black Chili Compound / Apex / 26 x 2.20
  • Weight: (M) 13,2 kg

2010 Rotwild RED R.E.D. Down Hill DH

2010 R.E.D. DH

Rotwild Extreme Department, R.E.D., is for those committed to the original concept of free-ride: Your ride starts where other get off and walk.

R.E.D. DH is built for the king of gravity sports. Un-compromised, for pushing the next level in the bike park or cruising the local downhill course with its XLS suspension and adjustable geometry. It has 220 mm of travel, aluminum 7005 T6 channel DH tube set, RHS 2 – Integrated stainless headset 1 1/8“, and ODT – Oversized Double Tube Bottom Bracket.


All bikes of the Rotwild Extreme Series are based on the same XLS four-pivot suspension system as their Enduro R.E1. However, the different bikes, their frames, and their kinematic systems are exactly adjusted to the required travel and the range of use.

The XLS system of the R.E.D. bikes offers traction over a wide range of suspension without noticable influence of drive. The positioning of the main bearing in front of the bottom bracket makes an optimisation of the position of the virtual pivot point possible. The wheel path idealy follows the dive in path of the rear triangle. This way, even large bumps get absorbed effectively. The occuring impact-energy is transformed into suspension energy.

2010 R.E.D. DH Specs

  • Fork: MARZOCCHI 888 200 RCV Rebound / Coil Spring
  • Bar: ROTWILD B320 AL 6061
  • Stem: Integrated system
  • Post: ROTWILD P260 AL 7075
  • Saddle: FIZIK FLASH
  • Crankset: SHIMANO SAINT 36 Z E.Thirteen Single Ring System
  • Shifter: SHIMANO SAINT
  • Rear Derailleur: SHIMANO SAINT
  • Cassette: SHIMANO HG61 11-28 Z
  • Brakes: FORMULA RX20-R.E.D. 200/200
  • Wheels: DT E 2200 20/10TA RWS DT Competition / Star Rachet
  • Tires: CONTINENTAL RUBBER QUEEN Black Chili Compound / Apex / 26 x 2.40
  • Weight: (M) 17,8 kg

2010 rotwild R.S2 edition road bicycle

2010 R.S2

The R.S2 has a carbon channel race tubeshape, RHS 2C – Integrated stainless headset 1 1/8“, ODT – Oversized Double Tube bottom bracket, 3D forged dropouts with replaceable Inlays, and a CFK seatstay bridge with dual seatstay technology for stiffness and handling. The R.S2 is shown with DT RRC carbon tubular wheels but speced with DT RR 1450 wheels.

  • Fork: ROTWILD F330 Integrated Carbon Fork
  • Bar: ROTWILD R240 AL 7050
  • Stem: ROTWILD S120 AL 7075
  • Post: ROTWILD P180 Carbon 31.6
  • Saddle: FIZIK ARIONE CX Carbon
  • Crankset: SHIMANO DURA ACE 50 x 39 Z
  • Front Derailleur: SHIMANO DURA ACE 34.9/ Rear Derailleur: SHIMANO DURA ACE
  • Cassette: SHIMANO DURA ACE 12-25 Z
  • Wheels: DT RR 1450 Mon Chasseral RWS DT Aerolite / Star Rachet
  • Tires: CONTINENTAL GRAND PRIX 4000 S Black Chili Compound / Vectran Breaker / 700 x 23 C
  • Weight: (M) 6,9 kg
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Rotwild bikes are awesome! German quality 😉

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