Instructables user madworm has posted a tutorial for making a serious bike tail light. It has a circular pattern of LED lights placed on either side of the seat post that can be programmed to change color and light pattern. You will need some experience with circuit boards, or a bit of research to really understand the instructions, or maybe even a degree in electrical engineering…but for only about 50 bucks and some know-how you can be sure that you won’t be overlooked while out riding at night. Check out the video after the break to see the lights in action.

P.S.- you might want to check out the laws for bike lights at night in your area before using this tail light. There could be issues with the use of colors other than red for a tail light… Then again, you could program it to just show the red color…


  1. Pulsing white light into a driver’s eyes is probably a really bad idea, but that’s pretty cool. Hope it’s easier than the cable descrambler I tried to solder together in college.

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