bikecarson review of the kona fs dew commuter bike

BikeCarson recently reviewed the Kona FS Dew commuter bicycle. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

“The demand for the types of bicycles we need has shifted. More and more people are using bicycles for everyday tasks, and not just for weekend recreation. Due to the high cost of automobile ownership and increasing traffic congestion, we’ve begun to rediscover that the car is not always the best way to handle shorter trips. The bicycle industry has responded to these changing demands, and now there is a wide variety of models available for those who are looking for comfortable, practical bicycles for commuting and utility purposes.”

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“The 2010 Kona Dew FS is an exceptional blend of efficiency, utility, style, and comfort. The FS’s design and parts selection allows for swift, efficient, and reliable transportation. With the addition of a rear rack and panniers you can add a lot of utility for errands and commuting. Attractive frame tubing, paint, and other details give the bike high style points, and compliment your work or street clothes well. The suspension, upright riding position, and wide tires of the FS make for a comfortable and safe ride.  For sportier riding or longer endurance rides, I would probably pick a lighter model from the Kona Dew line.  But for comfortable commuting and errands around town, the Dew FS is hard to beat.  Kona did a good job with the Dew FS and it rounds out the Dew line nicely.”

bikecarson review of the kona fs dew commuter bike

See the difference in the riding geometry vs. the Trek road bike.

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