SEA OTTER CLASSIC 2010 – 3T was showing their all-new Palladio Team carbon seatpost.  They didn’t have weights available, but there will be two versions, the Team and an SL version with prices ranging from around $200 to $300.

The clamp head uses a new two bolt design.  One bolt tightens and fixes the angle, the other sets the rail position.  Their rep said if one manages to come loose, the other won’t be affected, providing some measure of safety versus one- and two-bolt posts that combine the rail and angle adjustments.  More pics after the break…





  1. I purchased the Palladio 27.2 X 350. The only problem I have is that it won’t fit the carbon rails of my FIZIK saddle. I have to get a new saddle with KIUM rails. The seatpost is beautiful, works great, looks great. Just what you would expect for 3T as far as overall quality and durability. If you have a carbon railed FIZIK saddle, can’t use this seat post

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