SEA OTTER CLASSIC 2010 – Kona’s tiny little 10×10 booth had lots of people, gear and bikes crammed into it.  Not-so-hidden within was a prototype 2011 full-carbon Jake the Snake cyclocross bike.

Sized XXL for team rider Barry Wicks, word is it’ll be available for this coming 2010/2011 ‘cross season and will be raced by Wicks and teammate Ryan Trebon, who was on hand to help us weigh it.  Heck, even if the madness that is cyclocross holds no appeal for you, it’s worth sneaking past the break for a look…


The only specs that were available are that it’ll have a BB30 bottom bracket and a tapered headtube.  The rest is supposedly in development, but you can summize the key features from the these pics.


Even when they’re not racing, the pros are on.  Here, Trebon’s midsection helps me weigh the bike in at 17lb 3oz.  That’s with an FSA cockpit, brakes, crankset and wheels, WTB saddle and acres of carbon fiber.  This is Wicks’ bike, and he’s just as tall as Trebon.




A hexagonal downtube that’s almost as wide as the BB shell and a flared seat tube should keep things plenty stiff as these guys put the power down.



The top tube flows into the mono-seatstay.  Looks good and likely keeps flex to a minimum.


Internal cable routing so the mud can’t muck things up as much.


Judging by the rear brake cable hanger and the brake bosses, things seem to be as carbony as they can get.


  1. I had a feeling Tree Farm was holding that rig. Noooyce carbon frameset mit sie internal cable routing. And props to the plaid kit.

  2. Sure, in the end it’s all in the ride, but.. I gotta say, it’s not very sexy. Visible seams where the tubes join, the brake boss looks like it’s already chipping the carbon wrap off. Hopefully the prod version is a little nicer.

  3. bill, it’s a prototype, and given the guys that have been riding it, nicks and scrapes shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m sure Kona’s just playing with layups, and it’ll probably get a 3k weave external wrap to make it pretty when it goes into production…or paint.

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