These late-stage prototype WTB Stryker mountain bike wheels were spotted on several employees and sponsored riders (I think including Mark Weir) at the Ashland Super D race. Details are a little sparse, but here’s what I gathered:

  • These versions are near production ready prototypes
  • Should be launching at fall tradeshows
  • Tubeless compatible

Word on the street is, these things are going to be as light as WTB’s XC wheelset, and their TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) will seal easily with a floor pump when used with tubeless tires.

Some of them had matching, new looking hubs, but most of them I saw had some current LaserDisc hubs, so they could be offering the rim separately as well. WTB will be at the Lifeboat Press Camp later this month, so I’ll dig for more then. In the meantime, additional photos after the break…


It’s a little fuzzy because this rider was getting ready to take off, but here are a few specs.



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