Trek’s unveiled the first of their new bikes from next week’s Trek World, which should also bring the reveal of the new Top Fuel full susser. For now, though, we’ll settle for gazing upon this bike from beyond Thunderdome. Here’s Trek’s blurb on it:

The “Broadsider” is a bike derived from a post oil, post-apocalyptic graphic novel based on its namesake. It tells the story of the legendary “cliff racer” Max Malco who lost his life saving a young boy from his racing rivals.

The story and bike were created by Trek’s industrial design group. The Broadsider is a conceptual prototype project intended to keep the Trek brain trust sharp.

It is through executions like this the design team continually dreams up new directions to keep up the excitement and enthusiasm for bicycles.

Should the apocalypse ever come, the human spirit will survive. when oil comes to its end human power will thrive!






  1. alloycowboy on

    Oh, this bike will definetly keep the Trek brain trust emasculated all right, espically the first time they hit their sensitive bits on the top tube.

  2. Evan McIntosh on

    I am in love with this bike; you just have to pull up to another cyclist on this bike and they will immediately fall over and begin to cry.

  3. Alex on

    Presumably we’ll make post-oil tires from rubber trees, the way they used to be made. Probably have to go back to wire beads, though (Kevlar is pretty high-tech stuff). Any non-compressible fluid can in principle be used in hydraulics (including water) – there are modern biodegradable hydraulic fluids made from canola oil, for example.

  4. mrsmfone on

    wow someones hitting the crackpipe at trek bikes. The Broadsider? named aptly for when you mash yours nuts on the toptube…like that nutless idiot on the cover! yeah..cause we at trek dont use oil or consume energy or anything…bikes are made from pixie dust and magic! alex….youre a geek or high but in either case annoying and irreverent…so shut up presumably now…or go take a ride on your broadsider

  5. Ben on

    Yeah, I’ve actually talked to guys who have used cooking oils in a pinch for their hydraulic brakes, so I guess we won’t be out of luck.

  6. CycleJunkie on

    The only thing about this bike that bothers me is that it’s not already in production and for sale to the public.


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