Chrome will be debuting SPD compatible versions of their Kursk Shoes. We reviewed the regular versions here, and the only change is the addition of the recessed plate for the cleats to mount into.

The Cordura upper and grippy rubber sole make them perfectly streetable off the bike, and a little elastic loop holds the laces in place when you’re riding. They fit a bit narrow, but are fairly comfortable and our review pair has held up well over the past year.

UPDATE: Chrome sent us a few other tidbits about the shoe…apparently the addition of the SPD plate isn’t all that’s changed:

  • Added canvas binding along collar for support and comfort while riding and/or being clipped in
  • Compatibility with all SPD pedal systems
  • Outsole design specifically tailored for easy placement of shoe to clip in and out of SPD
  • Full-length nylon plate for added rigidity while riding
  • Removable cleat cap for flat-to-clip-in pedal versatility
  • Added forefoot rocker for walking aid
  • Adjustable cleat placement at the ball of the shoe for personalized fit


  1. bercho on

    I don´t like to stuck in shoes with a stiff sole the whole day. but i dont like to miss the spd system at my daily rides. any solutions.

  2. Tyler on

    Bercho, the Kursk’s sole is as flexible as any other casual shoe, although the SPD version may be slightly stiffer, I think you’d be fine chillin’ in them all day.


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