With ‘cross season having kicked off already, it’s time to shake the last images out my Interbike photo folder and share a couple of noteworthy and ‘cross-friendly single-ring chainguides. More after the jump!

E*Thirteen, exhibiting with their Hive stablemates, were showing their new XCX-ST seat tube mounted chain guide.  While the guide itself has been available in a BB-mounted version for some time, the XCX-ST was especially slick in its use of an eccentric in the seat tube mount to adjust the guide’s lateral location.  It has already been spec’d by Specialized on their Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29 Evo 1×10-geared hardtail.  It will accommodate 32-44t chainrings and is available in high- and low-mount configurations.  At ~75g, it’s a whole lot lighter than running multiple chainrings and two shifters, and cheaper too- $100 starting this fall.


Paul Component Engineering had on hand a very solid looking (but surprisingly light at 69g) bottom bracket-mounted version of their Chain Keeper.  Made in California, it will handle chainrings running from 29 to 39 teeth and costs a surprisingly reasonable $55.  The BB mount rules it out for most ‘cross setups, but for a 1x mountain setup or a single speed conversion using a sprung tensioner, the Chain Keeper BB could be hard to beat.


Also from Paul was this high-mount version of their chain keeper.  No price or availability was available, but if Paul’s other chain guides are any indication, it’ll be a steal.  The high mount should play better with bikes featuring flared or non-round seat tubes as it mounts where a derailleur usually does.


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