Don’t buy that super expensive Campy 11 speed chain tool, just yet. If you’re ok with using a drive train that isn’t completely Campagnolo (I know, gasp!) KMC might just have the answer to your chain related issues. The KMC X11 series of chains is just that, 11 speed compatible, obviously for Campagnolo. The best part however has to be the 11 speed quick link that is included with the chain or sold separately.

What does a KMC X11 weigh? Is the 11 speed quick link reusable?

While the 11 speed link is not reusable, it prevents you from needing a special peening tool for installing the chain. Unlike other chains, once you install the chain pin on a Campy 11 speed chain you still have to use a special tool to peen, or enlarge the end of the pin to keep it in place. The new Campagnolo tool is all encompassing, but as such is prohibitively expensive to all but the most die hard Campagnolo fans, or appreciators of fine tools. Otherwise you will be using the 11 speed peening tool from Park, the Pedro’s Evolver, or another fairly expensive chain tool to get the job done.

Not so with the KMC Missing Link 11, simply slide the two halves together and pull. Instant and fool proof chain attachment that is as easy as it gets. The KMC MissingLink 11 is the only non-reusable link in KMC’s line up, so don’t try reusing it like the others.

The X11 chains will be available in two guises, the X11SL and the slightly heavier X11L. The SL version will weigh in at 224 grams while the L version come in at 243 grams, meaning that both chains should be lighter than a Campy Record 11 speed chain. Both versions of the X11 chain will feature the KMC open inner plate, X-bridge, and XXSP double X durability designs.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, the new Kool Knight chain from KMC eschews light weight for what is possibly the most bombproof bicycle chain in existence. As far as I know, KMC is the first to offer a BMX chain that both side plates are now one piece that connect over the top of the rollers. The encapsulated design almost assuredly offers incredible impact protection like an angry armadillo. When this chain comes to production it will be offered in various colors, with an expected weight of, heavy.


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