From, the US distributor of Magicshine LED lights:

To Our Valued Geomangear Customers,

Geomangear temporarily has stopped selling Magicshine lightsets due to our concerns regarding the safety, quality, and performance of Magicshine’s lithium-ion battery packs sold by Geomangear between July 2009 and November 2010. We have determined that these Magicshine battery packs do not meet Geomangear’s high expectations regarding product safety, quality, and performance. We have notified both the manufacturer of Magicshine lightsets and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission that Geomangear intends to voluntarily recall all Magicshine battery packs sold by Geomangear.

We are actively working with the Safety Commission, outside engineering consultants, and a new battery pack supplier to evaluate product recall options for our customers. Geomangear will provide recall information and instructions directly to our affected customers after our final corrective action plan has been approved by the Safety Commission.

If you bought a Magicshine lightset from us between June 2009 and November 2010, please discontinue using your lightset until we are able to provide you with an upgraded replacement battery pack. Despite our best efforts, this process will take some time, and we ask for your patience. You can rest assured that Geomangear has taken, and will continue to take, appropriate steps to protect the safety of our customers, and we will stand behind our products. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your continued loyalty and support during this unprecedented situation our company is facing.




  1. Unfortunately it’s the only light I own and it’s dark when I get out of work, so I’ll have to be risking it until some sort of replacement plan is in place.

  2. > Unfortunately it’s the only light I own and it’s dark when I get out of work, so I’ll have to be risking it until some sort of replacement plan is in place.

    You and me both. After seeing videos of Li Ion batter fires, though, I’m going to make other arrangements. If nothing else, keep your homeowner’s insurance paid up…

  3. Isn’t the connector pretty common? Maybe one of the DIY bike light guru’s will offer some advice on compatible (non-exploding) batteries. I thought I read a post about someone using their Dinotte battery with the Magicshine light, but please don’t quote me on that. A thorough Google search should clear up the fog.

  4. you say stop using? Is that because of some danger involved with using it? The only info I can find on the net is that the battery quality is low, that is it does not last as long as promised which is something you can bear with until you get a new replacement battery but if any danger involved it would be good to know?


  5. Hims, most companies don’t recommend discontinuing their products’ use simply.because they are underperforming. There are some phrases in the release that allude to safety concerns- those should be taken seriously. Marc

  6. Hmm, I just bought one of these from and it’s already shipped. I wonder how hard it’s going to be to get a replacement battery…..I assume these are made in China.


  7. so, is there a place you can order a replacement battery? My battery died pretty quick….fomenter mentioned a Dinotte unit – do they just plug into the existing lamp unit in the same way as the original battery pack?

  8. The battery does not fit snugly in the metal container. This allows it to vibrate while you are riding. I’ve solved this problem by removing the bottom (where no wire is) and sliding paper between the sides of the battery and the casing. This will reduce the risk of mechanical damage. I’ve had mine 3 weeks with heavy use, and nothing bad has happened. Of course, I ride with two spare lights.

  9. I believe the problem is when charging. I have also used my Dinotte battieries successfully. It is a loose connection, but I use a rubber hose cut as a sleeve used as a coupler and it works great !
    I’ve been told that Batteries Plus can make a battery pack.

  10. Can someone please show me some proof Magicshine batteries are causing fires besides this three so called fires which nobody has seen or proven to be a fact. Somebody told somebody who told somebody..

    Sorry, there’s been too much paranoia and not enough fact. DX, sellers from UK, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand has sold heaps more than Geoman’s 19,000 batteries. Have we seen other cases around the world besides Geoman’s 3 customers? Besides 3 out of 19,500?? – everybody is going battle stations.

    If Magicshine went to court to claim damages for their damaged name based on this
    “loose evidence”, you know what? They’d win.

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